Rock ‘n Roll is Only Part of What DrakonStudio Experienced at the Boulton Center on January 27

DrakonStudio has the privilege of being part of the All Music’s Rock and Roll University concert experience every 6 months, and this newest Concert III was even better than the last ones.

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – Holbrook, NY – Long Island Video Production News - With many of the returning students from last year, there were 52 students from Rock and Roll University coming together in two different shows for Concert III. Instead of the usual one show to rock the house, there was clearly a need for two shows with the amount of talent that was on the stage at the Boulton Center.

The show started at 11:30 a.m. as the young students, up to 13 years old, played 34 songs for their audience of family and friends. With intense guitars, bass, drums and so much more, the young students brought their intensity to the many rockin’ notes they played.

“We have joined every show since its beginning, and even though I’m proud every time by how much each of them has grown and how much more they have learned, I was completely blown away by their musical abilities for this show,” said Miscelleana Rhinehart, the Project Director at DrakonStudio.

The theater came to its feet as the younger students finished their final song Stairway to Heaven. With a quick change from one show to the next, the Boulton Center got ready for the teenagers, 13 years old and up. It was their turn to bring their own 35 songs to their new audience.

“With new songs the teenagers made their own with a Rock and Roll twist like Taylor Swift’s Back to December, never mind the many other songs that had me rocking my head to the music, it was incredible to feel their energy and their passion for what they were playing,” said Miscelleana.

The older performers brought a refreshed energy as many of them danced and jumped around the stage as the audience clapped and cheered each of them on.

DrakonStudio will be conducting the final interviews with the performers in a couple of weeks before digging into the editing for the Blu-ray being offered for this concert. With hours of high-definition footage from multiple cameras, the final concert will be memorialized as the most rockin’ concert yet.

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