Social Media Marketing Strategy: SoMed plus SEO Delivers Max Results

Study reveals a Social Media marketing strategy combined with Search Engine Optimization techniques delivers greater potential results.

Online PR News – 27-April-2010 – – Independent research shows a Social Media marketing strategy combined with Search Engine Optimization techniques can dramatically increase a company's online results. For the purpose of the study similar businesses that depended solely on one strategy were compared against similar businesses that integrated both. Research indicated businesses that combined a Social Media marketing strategy with Search Engine Optimization techniques benefited from wider Internet exposure, qualified website traffic, increased content sharing, quality inbound links and were less affected by uncontrollable market factors.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing are still considered by many to be competing for the same budget. However, according to Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing founder Scott Moir this is currently changing-

"The emphasis on Real Time results and higher SERP's uniquely combines the science of SEO with the art of Social Media. This has prompted leading companies to integrate these two practices in order to maximize their results and return on investment."

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Irbtrax understands that at their core Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization have a lot in more in common than they get credit for. Including but not limited to the fact that Social Media (SoMed) and SEO both strive to increase traffic. Both aim to expand Internet visibility. And both endeavor to improve visitor experience. The difference is in the methods and platforms they use.

The Irbtrax founder summarizes their basic fundamental differences as:

- SEO seeks to increase traffic by improving a company's organic Page Rankings. Or enhancing their Search
Engine Results Pages (SERP's) for a particular keyword phrase.
- Social Media aims to increase traffic using third party platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Blogging.
- SoMed focuses on the quality of outbound content. SEO emphasizes quality inbound links.
- SEO strives to optimize a website for search engines while enhancing visitor experience resulting in higher
- SoMed seeks to increase the sharing of website content while improving visitor interactivity for the purpose of generating new business.

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