Varsity Lincoln Showcases the Semi-Autonomous 2013 MKZ

The all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ is available at Varsity Lincoln. It is considered to be the very first semi-autonomous vehicle.

Online PR News – 29-January-2013 – Novi, MI – Varsity Lincoln recently reported that the 2013 Lincoln MKZ is now available. This year’s model has been lauded for a number of new and exciting features, including the giant sunroof and the ground-breaking, aerodynamic, and sleek styling. However, most exciting for the all-new MKZ is the autonomous features that allow the car, within reason, to drive itself safely.

Driver distraction is posing a huge problem for roadway safety, and while the ideal solution would be to eradicate all forms of distraction, it would be nearly impossible to enforce. Whether it is safe or not, drivers will continue to doze off after a long day at work, to check a text message, or to change radio stations. Lincoln has decided to adapt to this by introducing several innovative features that make the MKZ a car that will likely be considered the vehicle that rings in the era of autonomous vehicles.

For starters, the MKZ implements a brand new system called Lane Keeper. This pioneering system ensures that the vehicle will steer straight down the road and will not drift from the lane, whether the vehicle’s operator is fumbling with CDs, on the phone, drifting off, or just a poor driver. The system utilizes a forward-looking, windshield-mirror-mounted camera which examines road markings and can send information to the car that will keep it straight in the lanes. Other companies have introduced attempts at this technology, but none have been as successful as Lincoln’s.

Also contributing to the system is adaptive cruise control, which features a long-range forward radar which matches the speed of the car in front of the MKZ. This system will keep watch over the roadway, braking when the vehicle begins approaching obstacles, moving or stagnant, and vehicular or otherwise.

Varsity Lincoln reports that the technology is very successful and that customers have sung nothing but praise for the new system. The all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ is available for test drives at Varsity Lincoln today.