Launch of eBook - Candy-Coated Marketing

Candy-coated Marketing portrays marketing to children as a widespread and often inappropriate business practice, but it also corroborates marketing’s ability to evoke and elicit change.

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – Cork – It is difficult to answer the question “What is advertised to children?”, because today’s children regularly consume media that is aimed primarily at adults and may not be meant for them at all.

Sheena Horgan, the author of Candy-Coated Marketing, writes: ‘This eBook was months in the writing but 16 years in the thinking. In those 16 years, I have witnessed, debated, discussed, read, researched and written extensively about marketing to children in the UK and Ireland. And for the last 14 of those 16 years, my views and interest in the subject have been influenced by motherhood.

Whilst my aim in this eBook has been to lift the lid of the Pandora’s Box of accepted marketing norms regarding children, I should state upfront that I remain a marketer through and through. I am an advocate and believer in the value of marketing as a business tool and modern social construct. But I am also a mother of four and both conscious and concerned about how marketing can be – and is being – used with respect to children.

However much it may be refuted and debated, there is no doubt in my mind that today’s children’s experience of childhood is marked by the excesses of modern society’s commercialism and consumerism – and that includes marketing. I believe that it is irresponsible to have information and not to act on it, so it is my contention that brands and businesses today need to take their corporate citizenship seriously and to engage responsibly with, and to the benefit of, children.’

Candy-Coated Marketing is published by Oak Tree Press, as part of the NuBooks range. PDF ISBN 9781846211133; ePub ISBN 9781846211140; Kindle ISBN 9781846211157
€1.99; £1.49stg; USD$2.99; CAN$2.99.