The Martinez Law Firm Heads the Criminal Defense Space in Houston

Well known firm, The Martinez Law Firm has the expertise in dealing with a wide range of criminal cases including the Driving While Intoxicated charges.

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – Houston, TX – The Martinez Law Firm, a top notch firm in the criminal defense space, is highly experienced in dealing with an extensive range of criminal cases. The firm is known for its specialization in the Driving while Intoxicated area (DWI) and has been the most trusted DWI firm in Houston for several years. The rules and laws regarding DWI is stricter and harsher in Houston and it is important that one seeks expert help in this regard. The Martinez Law Firm headed by Herman Martinez is the best when it comes to criminal offense like DWI.

Houston has always maintained a strict stance over DWI and the procedures are quite tedious and stricter than other States. A person caught under drunken driving can face penalties and even jailed in certain circumstances. Houston has a 15 day rule before which the defendant needs to file ALR hearing. It is important to seek the help of expert, experienced, and professional attorney who will be able to bring the party out of the complicated situation with utmost ease.

If one is found guilty of DWI, the first thing is that the license of the concerned party will be revoked. After which, the party has only about 15 days to protect the driving rights and privileges. This is the time to act wise and make right decisions. It is important to go for the best Houston DWI lawyer, Herman Martinez who is experienced in the area and has a proven track record of dealing with DWI successfully at several instances. He ensures to provide individual attention to each and every case and a free one on one consultation service is offered.

Herman Martinez, the popular Houston DWI attorney, says, "Everyone is entitled to legal help, including you. No matter what the particulars of your offense charge, our firm has experience in handling many types of cases. Nothing will catch us by surprise- we are always prepared."

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