Men's And Women's Designer Jeans Retailer Meets With Phillies Star Kyle Kendrick For Fashion Shoot

The trendy women's and men's designer jeans retailer, enjoyed an interview and photo shoot the World Series Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick and Survivor star girlfriend Stephanie Lagrossa.

Online PR News – 03-January-2009 – – PHILADELPHIA, PA – eModa, known as one of the hottest celebrity shopping retailers of men’s and women's designer jeans and exclusive clothing lines in the country, brought World Series pitcher Kyle Kendrick of the Philadelphia Phillies and his girlfriend Stephanie Lagrossa in for a fun-filled photo shoot.

The high-end fashion retailer and its representative Michelle Miller met Kyle and Stephanie for an early morning interview, photo shoot, and a private shopping experience before game 3 of the World Series against The Rays.

"I was eagerly awaiting their arrival. The nicest couple you'll ever meet, Steph is a bit more outgoing (very East Coast) and Kyle very patient and calm (a very Washington-state trait…I'm also from there!). We ran around talking about the shoot, going over wardrobe, grabbing coffee and doing make-up (on her, not him). We wanted to get edgy and do something fun and, fortunately for me, they were game or, shall I dare to say…good sports about it all," explained Michelle Mitchell, of eModa (

Stephanie Lagrossa, a commentator on 'Monday Night Live' and two-time Survivor star, had her makeup done. Then, Michelle picked out women's designer jeans and tops from Kimikal, Miss Me, Sheiki jeans and Roar and Rawyalty. The Survivor star instantly fell in love with the designer clothing.

"I already wore out the Miss Me top. I just love it! The Sheiki jeans are to die for and I think I might wear the plaid Taverniti’s to the World Series game with my new Kendrick jersey!" stated Lagrossa in a phone call with eModa.

Kyle Kendrick posed for the shoot in a variety of men's designer jeans, clothing, and accessories from famous lines including Laguna Beach Jeans, Taverniti Jeans, Roar, Deville tees, and a Kurt Cobain tee from the Rolling Stones, one of eModa’s newest lines.

"I loved the shoot and all the clothing - especially the Laguna Beach Jeans and the other denim you chose for me, but I must say the Kurt Cobain tee is my favorite thing from the shoot," said Kendrick after the shoot.

When asked what the inspiration was for coming in for a shoot, Stephanie and Kyle both answered that it was previous shoots eModa had done with fellow Phillies teammates Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard.

The shoot started off with the couple being a little shy of the cameras. Michelle stated this is common with people not used to working in front of the camera and said it didn't take long for the pair to relax and everyone thoroughly enjoy the experience.

"As the shoot continued, the pictures became more intense. I was incredibly happy with Kyle and Steph's involvement in the whole process. We took them out of their natural style element and added something different, sexier and louder. It was a great success," said eModa’s fashionista.

So what's next for the fashionable starlets? In addition to the World Series, the Phillies pitcher is currently working with the local children's hospital and is working on starting his own charity in the future. Stephanie will stay in Maine and continue filming segments for her television sports program.

The men's and women's designer jeans retailer is currently offering customers a chance to win a baseball signed by the World Series pitcher with the purchase of $100 dollars or more.

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