Announces Launch of New Service: Forensic Genealogy Research

RecordClick is a leader in genealogical records retrieval. Their international experts are well-versed and can obtain the correct record copies you may need, as well as help you through the process of achieving dual citizenship.

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – Denville – Denville, NJ – In addition to its traditional family genealogy offerings, now offers forensic genealogy research services to its customers, who include, in part, genealogy tree researchers, family historians, and genealogists. RecordClick's professional staff of genealogists conduct research for situations requiring a stricter policy of proof. Such situations may involve verifying heirs and beneficiaries for veterans' and pension benefits, supplying evidence for probate and estate cases, solving adoption cases, and locating the next-of-kin for unclaimed decedents. Forensic and traditional genealogy services, as well as DNA testing are now available through the company's website at

Like DNA genetic testing, forensic genealogy is a fast-growing branch of genealogy. When an ancestral link is needed between the past and present, forensic genealogy may be used to assist attorneys, law enforcement, and federal and state agencies. Professional genealogists and non-professional family genealogy researchers, as well as genealogy tree builders are finding increasingly that many ancestry-related court cases require documented evidence that is held to stricter standards of proof than those accepted in “regular” genealogy cases. Demand for forensic genealogy services is on the rise from genealogists, as well as from family genealogy researchers.

Elizabeth Khan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of explains, "We were getting a lot of calls from customers who needed documentation that would be accepted as definitive proof for certain ancestry situations, such as heir and beneficiary verification, adoption confirmation, requirements for dual citizenship by jus sanguinis, and other immigration corroboration. We jumped at the chance to serve our customers by making DNA testing and forensic genealogy research services available to them."

Prior to offering forensic genealogy services, added DNA testing services to its roster of research offerings. DNA analysis is one of the three most important sources of forensic genealogy, along with photo analysis, and database diving.

About the company:

RecordClick is a full-service genealogy research firm that specializes in investigating lineage cases throughout the United States and internationally. With research teams in several European countries – including, but not limited to, England, Germany, and Ireland – RecordClick also covers Argentina and Canada. RecordClick's headquarters is strategically located on the East Coast, providing an advantage based on proximity to immigration documentation. Offering more than just traditional look-ups and pedigrees for tracing ancestry, RecordClick pulls away from the pack by offering alternative research processes for big and small projects – such as DNA testing, forensic genealogy research, and customized ancestor search – allowing its clients to skim the surface or do a deep dive into tracing ancestry.