AlwaysOnVacation Gives Travelers Panoramic Views of Their Vacation Rental While Increasing Bookings for Property Owners.

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – SAN RAMON, CA – January 16, 2013 – AlwaysOnVacation®, one of the world’s largest vacation rental marketplaces and distribution networks with over 65,000 vacation rental properties in 120 countries, today announced that it has partnered with TourWrist, a mobile and web-based virtual tour marketing company. The marketing and technology alliance will enable AlwaysOnVacation to deliver unique and innovative 360-degree virtual tours of available vacation rental properties to clients.

“AlwaysOnVacation is committed to providing our property owners with innovative technologies that help them maximize bookings for their vacation rental property, while providing travelers with the inventory and online system necessary to help them find the ideal vacation rental property that meets their requirements,” said Jeff Idso, CEO of AlwaysOnVacation.

As an industry leader that has a history of delivering new technologies and distribution channels to expand online travel in the vacation rental market, AlwaysOnVacation will now enable property owners to shoot and share 360-degree panoramic images via their smartphones, tablets, and computers by integrating the TourWrist virtual tour viewer and capture technology in the AlwaysOnVacation app and Website. Renters will now have more information at their fingertips, enabling them to make more informed and confident choices about their ideal rental properties with more complete, detailed spherical panoramas.

“TourWrist is thrilled to partner with AlwaysOnVacation in helping them continue their technological leadership in this field. Virtual tours are relatively new to the online travel industry and it is our aim to help AlwaysOnVacation remain at the forefront of what we believe will soon become mainstream,” said Dan Smigrod, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of TourWrist.

The marketing and technology alliance with TourWrist will enable AlwaysOnVacation property owners to easily and seamlessly create panoramas with their smartphones and upload and share them through their listings on the AlwaysOnVacation site.

About AlwaysOnVacation

AlwaysOnVacation® is one of the world’s largest vacation rental marketplaces and distribution networks with over 65,000 vacation rental properties in 120 countries worldwide. AlwaysOnVacation vacation rental property listings are published in 16 languages and are viewed each month by over 6 million travelers who are interested in booking a vacation rental. Whether you are looking for a mountain cabin, a beach house, villa rental, vacation cottage or private vacation home, AlwaysOnVacation has a huge selection of vacation rental properties to choose from. Search for vacation rental properties with huge discounts for last-minute bookings, long stays, and early bird offers. ,


About TourWrist, Inc.

TourWrist is the world’s leading virtual tour platform empowering consumers to shoot, view and share 360-degree panoramic (pano) images via smartphones, tablets and computers. The company employs a model similar to YouTube (but uniquely suited to panoramic virtual tours) and licenses its virtual tour viewer and capture technology to travel companies to integrate TourWrist tech within their apps and websites. The company mission is to improve how consumers make educated, location-based travel decisions.

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