Dr. Paul L. Daniell Releases New Book: Of Men And Angels, A Heavenly Tale of a Haloed but Harrowing Mission

Prepare for a totally captivating read with Dr. Paul L. Daniell’s Christian intellectual fiction which tackles Earth oblivion and salvation.

Online PR News – 17-July-2009 – – (St Albans, VA) – Rare are novels that depict the end of the earth with a beautiful religious theme, novels that promise salvation and deliverance from all evil, even in the midst of senseless, unabated, and mind-numbing destruction. Here is one of them. Full of action and emotion, Of Men and Angels (Xlibris Publishing) by Dr. Paul L. Daniell tells a highly imaginative and thought-provoking divine adventure that spells out the deeper meaning of faith for all people.

The story begins when a Vietnam veteran dies and goes to heaven. There, he is met by the Archangel Raquel, and they become friends. God then sends them back to earth to warn the people that because of animosity towards one another and the ungodly abuse of the earth itself, there is a potential for the end of human life on the planet. The two messengers first appear in a small Black Church in Mississippi.

That is just the beginning.

Tragic things then happen in quick succession, like at the pro football game when the San Andreas Fault gives way and western California is swallowed by the ocean. There is a trip to heaven where people are assigned to different levels. The angels of death, hell’s invitation, and Satan’s waiting wrath are even more unspeakable. Is the situation utterly beyond redemption and is there still hope left for humankind? Of Men and Angels is now available for your reading pleasure at leading book retailers or at the publisher’s online bookstore, Xlibris.com.

About the Author
Dr. Paul L. Daniell is a learned entomologist, biblical scholar, theologian, ex-Marine Combat Officer (in Japan and Korea), and a minister for fifty years. He enjoys writing and has received many plaudits from various companies that deal with books. To date, the author has written and published eleven books.

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