Mindports® Redefines Global News with M*News

Situational Awareness Interface Enables Faster Active Global News Discovery on Web, iPhone, iPad, and Android

Online PR News – 29-January-2013 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Mindports® today announced M*News, a Mindport offering rapid scanning and comparison of Global News sources, for the Web, iPhone, and iPad.

M*News enables non-passive information consumers to rapidly and easily discover, scan, and compare multiple perspectives from diverse news sources from major US and international newspapers, television networks, and major websites, including multiple sources for alternative news, business, technology, sports, and auto.

Mindports® offers universal collaborative knowledge development and sharing through user-created Mindmaps™, using post-search human-guided discovery.

The Mindports® next generation interface on mobile screens eliminates scanning, scrolling, page turning, sizing, and waiting, while anticipating user needs. It is available as an application on the Web, and on the mobile Web in adjusted portrait mode on iPhone 5 and leading Ringmark mobile browsers such as Dolphin, and in landscape mode on iPad.



Mindports.com, Our Better Webs, is a Web portal platform and discovery engine allowing editors and users to explore, create, or share custom-designed portals without programming, for faster, easier, and more intelligent Web and mobile Web navigation, and enabling corporations to build faster and more powerful portals for Situational Awareness, field sales, and information equity growth.


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