PureTravel Unveils New Sri Lanka Holidays Website

Sri Lanka adventure travel guide for worldwide holidays featuring tips, advice and useful information on adventure activities on tours provided direct from local tour operators. This guide helps you find out what to see and do and plan your travel itinerary.

Online PR News – 27-April-2010 – – A new travel website has just been launched by PureTravel featuring Sri Lankan holiday tours. PureTravel is also delighted to confirm that all of the holidays are supplied direct from tour operators who are actually based in Sri Lanka.

Spend your holidays Sri Lanka style! Sri Lanka has been a treasured locale since time immemorial. Have a wonderful holiday on this venerable island where cinnamon was born. Its magic is evidenced by its ancient Arabic name, Serendib; from which the word serendipity originates. Located off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka has been a valued stopping place for hundreds of years where Eastern and Western cultures marry to form this unique and beautiful culture.

Three especially captivating ways to enjoy this land are to explore its diverse natural beauty, adventure in its eclectic cities, and quietly immerse into the mystery of the culture.

One of the best ways to experience Sri Lanka is through ecotourism. The diverse geography of Sri Lanka makes it perfect for hiking in the mountains, exploring the rain forests or scuba diving off the beautiful beaches. There are many opportunities for eco-lodging, whether you want to camp in the Weliara forest and listen for elephants walking through the jungle, or enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of Yala national park, or hike in the Arahat Kanda mountains. There is much opportunity for adventure on the Kumbukkan Oya - the river that never runs dry. Also, people can engage in community tourism, whereby they might give back to local farmers by working to help them develop sustainable gardening.

Travelers can enjoy all that Sri Lanka's amazing ancient cities have to offer. Sri Lanka's largest city, Colombo, is an ancient meeting place full of romantic cultural diversity and visual and performing arts, as well as music and clubs. Polonnaruwa was the medieval capital of Sri Lanka and is a magical place to encounter ancient walls, and bathes and monasteries and sacred architecture. Dambulla is home to an amazing cave temple with beautiful Buddhist carvings and golden light. Dambulla also has a thriving marketplace.

Several coastal cities and sites hold special magnetism for seekers of all kinds. Polhena is a gorgeous coastal suburb of vibrant Matara, where travelers on a budget can enjoy secluded beach vacations. Negombo is a romantic city by the ocean and is the birthplace of cinnamon. Travelers should also check out Adam's peak, which is a series of landforms that may have once been a land bridge to India, and about which many stories have formed - it is thought to be Buddha's footprint. Sri Lanka is also a perfect place to study Ayurveda or Buddhism, as both have a rich history there. Whatever your passions, there are many holidays Sri Lanka can offer.
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