www.lindencourt.net - Launches Free “Daily” Forex Trading System on its Web site

www.lindencourt.net launches a free highly profitable ‘daily’ forex trading system to download from its web site to assist thousands of retail forex traders who consistently lose money.”

Online PR News – 17-July-2009 – – For_Immediate_Release:

17 July 2009 – A free, simple, new forex trading system has just been made freely available by Lindencourt Foreign Exchange Trading Co, the London based currency trading and training firm. The simple yet highly effective forex trading system is now available for immediate download from the firm’s web site at http://www.lindencourt.net/daily.htm. The trading system has recently been developed by the firm’s owner Andrew Lindencourt to assist many of those retail forex traders who simply find it difficult to make money from forex trading.

Andrew Lindencourt said “The retail foreign exchange business has ballooned over the past few years, from thousands upon thousands of new traders entering the marketplace. This growth we are seeing is similar to the growth in retail stock trading experienced back in the late ‘90s during the dot.com boom, which also grew on the back of false promises of great wealth, easy fortunes, and celebrity lifestyles. However, the forex market can be very unforgiving as many traders are finding out. We are actually seeing thousands of people each week lose money from forex rather than making it.”

Although there are many typical reasons why people lose money trading forex, one of the main reasons is that traders do not have an appropriate trading system to follow. “Now there is now excuse” said Andrew Lindencourt. Although Andrew cannot state there will not be some losing trades, the Lindencourt “Daily” forex trading system has not produced a losing trade so far this year on the £/$ currency pair, which one of the major globally traded currency pairs. Hopefully Lindencourt can help save a few retail traders with this simple yet highly effective little trading system.

About Lindencourt
Lindencourt Foreign Exchange Trading Co is run by Andrew Lindencourt, who is a full time currency trader. He also teaches and coaches individual traders with his recently developed intra-day trading system which helps his European clients make exceptional profits from currency trading.

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