Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Plans To Offer Lower Cost On Carpet Cleaning And Undercut Competitors

Instead of charging $0.25 per Square foot for residential carpet cleaning, they look to help customers and cut down the average residential carpet cleaning price by at least a dime. Still maintaining professional quality while encouraging customers to save more.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – Omaha, Ne – The average price in the Omaha area per square foot is extremely expensive at 0.25. So for example if you have a 2500 square foot home and 2000 of is carpeted you could end up paying at least $500.00 on the low end. The consider the other products and services that they would sell to you after the fact like carpet protector. Then once you pay for the supply then you would have to pay for the labor to apply to the carpet protector. Some carpet cleaning companies charge to remove stains in the carpet that they are cleaning at the time. All anybody ever want to pay for when they call the carpet cleaning company is a simple residential carpet cleaning and paying a quarter a square foot one would think that that would cover the stain removal and carpet protector without anything extra on top but there are occasions where people look at the bill for carpet cleaning are actually shocked for what they are being charged when all they requested was a simple residential carpet cleaning. The staff at Janitorial Carpet Cleaning has seen and heard of this time and time again deciding this is where they should focus their attention on the carpet cleaning market.

Janitorial Carpet Cleaning, it's staff and marketing team are implementing a marketing strategy to the residential homes of Omaha, Ne another option and for a more affordable price. They make this possible because the carpet cleaning technicians are willing to do a lot more for a little less. They believe what they will lose in undercutting the competition price nearly in half they will gain back in recommendations from customers and more residential carpet cleanings by word-a-mouth. The money the customer would save by having Janitorial Carpet Cleaning perform the residential carpet cleaning would be enough for them to do anything with. From there the marketing team suggest that with these discounted prices could help build a better online presents by asking them to give us a review on Google+, Yelp, and FaceBook and liking our business page. This would help make them more searchable in search engines and bring more customers that wanted their services to them. While continuing with the other aspects of their marketing campaign to develop more customers through handing out coupons with buyers incentives, offering other services that could then be bundled in a package so the customer could then save even more money by using more of their services.

Janitorial Carpet Cleaning plans to charge the price of residential carpet cleaning to between 0.15 and 0.175 cent per square foot and maintain the professionalism and quality that other carpet cleaning companies would still charge you a quarter for. So for example if your home has 1000 square feet the cost for a general residential carpet cleaning would be at most $175 compared to the competition's price of $250. Janitorial Carpet Cleaning plans to bring more than just a professional and quality carpet clean, they also bring residential carpet cleaning savings to Omaha, Ne home. Making it an affordable expense to keep the integrity and value of the carpets in your home and keeping them looking as good as new. The carpet cleanings that Janitorial Carpet Cleaning performs are the most affordable in the area of Omaha and provide the most quality consistently to every customer making sure they save by under cutting the competitors pricing while maintaining their professional integrity.