Pro Desks Announces The New Computer Truck Mount Products Section

Pro Desks PR – Friday, Jan 24th, 2013 Pro Desks announced they have updated the latest models of computer truck mount products on the site. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release.

Online PR News – 27-January-2013 – Sylvan Lake – Pro Desks - Uppgroup Inc. specialize in manufacturing and marketing laptop holders for trucks, cars, Police and EMS vehicles, and commercial and personal vehicles in general. They recently announced they have updated the web page which lists all their computer truck mount products. Their laptop desk products can be found at this page From this page, visitors can easily navigate to the laptop mount product they are interested in.

Pro Desks is the leading provider in mobile laptop desk product and sales. They have produced many advanced mounting solutions to suit certain types of vehicle. There is the Ford F150 Truck Desk, the Dominator, the Ford Escape SUV Desk, the Navigator, the ARC 360TD Ultra for an EMS, or Police Car and so on.

Pro Desks are known to possess the most advanced laptop stands for trucks. Their guys have years of experience in the mobile computing arena. They utilize the most innovative technology to produce laptop desks which are durable, professional and cost-effective.

Pro-Desks top model, the Mongoose, for example, is not only the most advanced and recent add-on to the already existing laptop mount line up, but also features a reliable locking pedestal and desk that is unparalleled. The best feature about the locking system is that it locks down both the laptop and pedestal. The base is designed to be custom to each vehicle for a perfect fit every time. This is an advanced laptop mounting desk for notebook or widescreen computer; there are adjustments right up to 17" widescreen, so practically any late model computer will fit.

Another advanced laptop mounting system carried by Pro Desks is the Dominator. This is considered to be the strongest truck desk available in the market. It was specifically restructured starting from the seat rail bolts up, in order to enhance the strength, easy modification for widescreen laptops and improved safety. The latest locking top and top post makes any laptops secure, thus users are assured that their laptop is completely secure and will not come loose, even in a collision. There is a knob system that is keyed for both the upright pedestal and the desktop in order to secure the laptop to the desk system, and of course the desk to the truck. This is a very effective theft deterrent as well.

Sara Danes, customer relations manager at Pro Desks, had this to say about the event: "We updated the list of products on this web page so our customers can easily navigate to the desk they are searching for. Updating the page is our first crucial step to introduce more innovative computer truck mounts to our customers. You'll quickly be able to navigate directly to the area of products that interest you most".

About Uppgroup Inc ( Uppgroup Inc. is a global leader in advanced marketing and focuses a great deal on the mobile computing and mobile office field. They have been involved in the industry for over a dozen years, making them one of the pioneers in mobile computing desks and laptop mounting solutions. Call anytime to talk about the desks.

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