Internet Marketing Strategies and Tips For Google Caffeine: Sightings Increase

SEO firm offers Internet marketing tips and strategies based on research that the Google Caffeine algorithm and infrastructure full launch appears to be nearing.

Online PR News – 27-April-2010 – – Search Engine Optimization firm provides Internet marketing strategies and tips based on studies revealing the Google Caffeine algorithm and infrastructure updates are nearing full launch. Google Caffeine sightings are increasing in both duration and frequency according to several reliable industry news sources, articles and comprehensive research.

SEO Internet Marketing Firm Irbtrax has been monitoring Google Caffeine since January and has seen a steady progression of its 'under the hood' and outside the hood updates. It is based on this research that Irbtrax is offering the following tips and strategies for maximizing on site and offsite Internet marketing results. Each of these strategies have shown to enhance results and are firmly grounded in Best Practice methods. This will be the first of a two part release based on studies of on onsite and offsite Internet marketing strategies. This release will focus on onsite Internet marketing.

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Onsite Internet marketing:

- Include clear and concise content that answers the questions your first time visitors are asking. Questions such as what a company does, how it does it better and why the company should be trusted. The failure of a website to address these key questions will cause visitors to exit and seek their answers from the competition.

- Incorporate subtle selling points or quantifiable benefits when applicable or possible. An example of a selling point would be an offer or guarantee. An example of a quantifiable benefit would be an average return on investment. Information that offers promises without quantifying the results is often perceived as empty rhetoric.

- Website content should be relevant to a site's theme, products or services. Minimize or avoid content that doesn't relate to a company's online niche. Unnecessary and unrelated information can be distracting. The inclusion of unwarranted advanced flash graphics, automatic play videos, pop-ups and other similar features can cause visitors to back click real quick.

- Analyze and improve Site/page download times. Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. Frustrated visitors look elsewhere for their needs. They will back click off a website and visit the competition. Resulting in a poor conversion rates and lost leads. Many searches are now being done by I-phones. Many I-phone connections tend to be similar to 56K dial up services. Performing a Y2K-X technology test is highly recommended. For more details about mobile phones with Internet connections and their impact on marketing see the below:

- Include only Quality outbound links in a website. High quality outbound links are links that are relevant to your website's core subject or service. Avoid link exchange offers (cross linking) that don't relate at all to the website's business or service. See the Google Webmaster guidelines for precise details. A website will benefit from high quality outbound links that educate or persuade visitors. This will increase their Time On Site and lead to more conversions.

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