Link Building Services Keyword Domain and Web Site Offered for Sale

Viva Vita Inc. announced today the start of a 3-day auction of the domain with it's content on

Online PR News – 27-April-2010 – – The web site was placed on a 3-day auction that started today on

The CEO of Viva Vita Inc. said to media representatives: "If you want to achieve #1 positions for any given keyword, you need a keyword optimized domain name. Especially if you are operating in a highly competitive industry."

In the search engine optimization industry link building services is one of the most competitive keywords. If somebody is searching for link building services, they are either a SEO company that wants to check out the competition, or a company or individual, that wants to buy link building services right now and is sitting there with the credit card in their hands, ready to place an order.

One web site that is ranking on page 1 of Google was recently offered for sale for $750,000. While is not yet on the first page in Google, it is moving upward steadily.

The keyword link building services is searched for 18,100 times with a PPC value of about $2.98 and link building service is searched for 12,100 times with a PPC value of about $2.01 (these figures are from the Google adwords tool).

As of this writing the web site is ranked on the first page in Bing (#4 as of this writing) for link building services and in Yahoo on page 1 (#8 as of this writing) for link building services. In Google it is as of this writing on the 3rd page, moving up steadily.

The auction is already in full swing. The first bid has already been received only a few hours after listing the site.

"This is definitely going to be a hot auction" commented Mr. Jeschke. "The reserve price is set at a fairly low level, but I would not be surprised if the auction fetches a decent six figure amount" continued HP Jeschke.