Hi-Tech Termite Control Launches New Website

New web property offers a user-friendly experience combined with enhanced content, impactful design, and social media integration.

Online PR News – 26-January-2013 – San Diego, Ca. – San Diego, Ca. (Jan. 23, 2013) - Hi-Tech Termite Control continues to be at the forefront of digital innovation in the termite control industry with the introduction of a new blog and website.

The new hi-techtermitecontrol.com offers a user-friendly experience combined with enhanced content, impactful design and social media integration. Guests can arrange an inspection themselves with just a few clicks.

"Hi-Tech Termite Control has always provided unparalleled service, and this level of service and engagement extends into our online presence,” says Nicole Contos, Vice President of Marketing, Hi-Tech Termite Control. “The new website represents our fresh commitment to a strong digital presence online, in social media, and to the various Southern California regions we service.”

As one of the first California termite control companies to fully use the web, Hi-Tech moved digital to the forefront early on with the use of innovative talking characters on their website and a commitment to educate their customers and facilitate inspections. The new Hi-Tech website was thoughtfully designed in the same vein: to deliver an immersive and effortless experience tailored to educate every user. Hi-Tech's areas of service and experience are showcased through photo-rich, informative pages. Key features of hi-techtermitecontrol.com include:

• Ease of booking appointments- arranging for a free termite inspection has never been easier. Bookings can now be made in one step for many properties.
• On the go- Fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets.
• Access to testimonials and regular posts -
• More termite information- A quick reference guide to the most common termite species in So Cal.
• Location, location, location- Hi Tech services all areas of Southern California. (this isn’t true!) Only LA, Orange, San Diego!!
• Tenting not always necessary- An important, money saving fact for homeowners considering California’s housing market will continue to recover in 2013, as home sales are forecast to increase for the third consecutive year and the median price to rise for the second straight year, according to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ (C.A.R.) “2013 California Housing Market Forecast”

Extensive research about Southern California termites was conducted for the development of the new website. In addition, Hi-Tech spoke to our customers and reps in the field to better understand what visitors to the site really needed. This insight informed the content of Hi-Tech's new site design for 2013.

“With nearly 20 years in the termite control industry, Hi-Tech Termite Control is able to share unique insights into the termite habits and time tested solutions that work,” says Contos. “The new site highlights what we have learned about customer expectations in terms of a balanced solution."

Hi-Tech Termite Control affirms that smart homeowners and property managers are not only embracing, but also engaging with new technologies in ways that are changing the face of termite control.

• Branding moves to the social sphere. Seventy-eight percent of homes participate in social networking sites, with more than half using social media to connect with a brand. Hi-Tech will continue to use digital media at the forefront of our marketing efforts to suit the ways our customers communicate.
• E-commerce is king. The homeowner is increasingly going online to research and make purchases. Hi-Tech's online bookings rose 10 percent from 2010 to 2011.
• The rise of the mobile customer. More then one-third of consumers own a tablet or smart phone. Hi-Tech's on line booking rose 200 percent from 2010 to 2011. This number is predicted to grow significantly in 2013.

“As home owners and property managers embrace digital media on a larger scale, companies that do not commit to an on line, educational media strategy will not survive; it is no longer a nice-to-have but an essential pillar of our branding and marketing,” concludes Nicole Contos.

For more on these topics and further insight, visit the new site the full http://www.hi-techtermitecontrol.com

In 2013, Hi-Tech Termite Control will continue to evolve with more blog posts, articles of interest and rich video content. For more information about Hi-Tech Termite Control, and to see the new website, visit http://www.hi-techtermitecontrol.com and follow Hi-Tech on Facebook.

Hi-Tech Termite Control, Inc.'s main office is in San Diego California. They have been servicing the termite control needs of Southern California for over 20 years in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties.

More contact information is available here: http://www.hi-techtermitecontrol.com/hi-tech-info/about-us/

Contact: Nicole Contos, V.P. of Marketing nkcontos@gmail.com 800-291-3019