Benefits Growth Network and H & H Health Associates Offer Client-Focused Health & Wellness Programs

Benefits Growth Network introduces comprehensive EAP and wellness services to their employee benefits solution program.

Online PR News – 26-April-2010 – – St. Louis, MO – Benefits Growth Network, a consulting firm specializing in growth and implementation strategies for employee benefits agencies, today announced that they have selected H & H Health Associates to join their partnership solutions program, BGNAdvantage.

The BGNAdvantage program is a select group of service partners for BGN member agencies to use as solution providers for their clients. The services in the program are focused on the long-term reduction of costs, reduced claims and absenteeism, and increased employee engagement.

Providing nationwide in-office EAP and wellness services focused on the early detection and prevention of health and wellness issues makes H & H Health Associates a great match for the BGN membership. Benefits programs have traditionally been focused on health care expenses which are based on the cost of reactionary treatment. Companies who choose to invest in identifying the cost drivers and participate in preventative programs, consistently see lower claims costs and increased employee productivity.

Tim Hobart, CEO of H & H Health Associates, explains, “The outdated model of focusing resources exclusively on treating those who are already sick or disabled can no longer be supported in an era of shrinking margins, global outsourcing and the rapidly escalating cost of treatment.”

By taking a personal, hands-on approach to working with clients and proactively identifying areas of need within their employee group, H & H Health Associates is able to help employers find solutions to these needs. The results enhance the overall performance of the company through increased productivity and reduced expenses.

“Having worked with H & H Health Associates as an employer and understanding the impact they are able to have on an organization, they were a natural choice to be our wellness partner in the BGNAdvantage program,” says Kevin Trokey, BGN President.

About H & H Health Associates
Since 1989, H & H Health Associates has been providing EAP and Wellness Services that can foster workplace performance through increased productivity and reduced expenses. For more information about H & H Health Associates, visit or contact Tim Hobart at 800.832.8302 or

About Benefits Growth Network
Benefits Growth Network, based out of St. Louis, MO, is an international membership-based consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for independently owned employee benefits agencies and brokerages. Through the exclusive Benefits Growth System™, members get individualized planning, coaching, training, use of proprietary systems and access to a network of thriving benefits agencies. For more information about Benefits Growth Network, visit

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