AdsMain – A Wide-reaching Digital Ad Network

AdsMain is a popular digital ad platform offering advertising solutions to businesses. They offer a range of advertising options that can be picked depending on the business’s needs and budget.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn, New York, 25 January 2013: Advertisers looking for a wide-reaching digital ad network are now set to find a solution in AdsMain. A popular ad platform, they have the ability of displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of content. With a string of publishers as their members, they stream ads suited to the audience’s specific interests. Range of options with them includes CPA, CPM, PPC and banner advertising.

Briefing it, a senior AdsMain executive commented, “One of the largest ad networks outside the big search engine networks, we enable you to create and target ads to users in our network. You can choose from varied pricing models. We leverage our immense industry knowledge to help advertisers realize their goals.”

Advertisers can try between CPA (Cost per Acquisition), CPM (Cost per Impression), PPC (Pay per Click) and banner advertising to find out what suits them the most. AdsMain network is backed by sophisticated technology that enables advertisers to keep tabs on the performance of their ads. Our network is wide enough to aggregate a stream of impressions daily across categories, helping advertisers reach highly fragmented Internet users.

AdsMain offers a transparent platform for advertisers to hold out audiences across sites by various categories and context. As the executive said, “Advertisers can take their products or services to potential consumers effectively. We’ve put in place a simple and results-driven process providing advertisers greater control over their campaigns.”

AdsMain empowers advertisers to target ads to interested users in the advertiser network to get the most value for a dollar spent. Response to an ad campaign can be monitored in real-time, so one can change the ad copy or bid price if it seems fit.

About the Company

One of the acclaimed ad networks, AdsMain is an exciting platform for digital merchants and affiliate marketers. Whether one is looking for CPA, CPM, PPC or banner advertising networks, they can provide the perfect solution. AdsMain advertiser network is wide enough to bring a brand to the notice of end users.

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