AllCom asks the new generation of online sellers "Why Wait - For ANYTHING?"

Genie Gateway is AllCom's most forward-looking unified communications service to date. Blending products and services needed to operate a business, traditionally purchased from several vendors, into one seamless global service.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – LasVegas, NV – Telecommunications innovator releases the Next Phase of the "Genie Online $tore and $hopping Cart"; Enables merchants to build, run, update and get PAID in Real Time

AllCom announced today the next step in their continued horizontal integration by rolling out its new "Genie Online $tore and $hopping Cart". The newest expansion provides Genie Gateway Subscribers their own customizable online store on the same platform they currently use to display videos, online documents, send and receive text messages, announcements, emails, faxes and Virtual Office. Subscribers can create their own online store, anytime, in 15 minutes.

"'Internet Time' means right now, no waiting," said AllCom CEO, Thomas E. Skala. "Today's Internet savvy customers won't wait, and neither should merchants. They shouldn't wait to build their online presence, make sales, build relationships. And they shouldn't wait to get PAID!"

"Even with that need for speed, you still have to communicate to your customers that you care about them, and keep them involved with special offers and updates using today's tools: videos, text, email and phone messaging. And you absolutely must make it easy for your customers to buy from you. The best way to do this is with Genie Gateway" Skala continued.

The online store and shopping cart of the Genie Gateway may be a completely standalone configuration. Or it may be integrated with a merchant's existing online resources.

"The Genie Gateway platform let's a subscriber build an online web presence, complete with an online store, in as little as 15 minutes from the ground up," explained AllCom CTO, Stuart Scamman. "They don't need any existing website or store, any special software or any training."

Scamman elaborated. "But Genie Gateway Subscribers that already have an online store, a website, or a landing page they use to sell goods and services can quickly and easily connect that page to their Genie Gateway, giving their customers access to all their services in one place"

"The Online Genie $tore is automatically included with each Genie Gateway at no additional cost. Online Genie $tores can expand our Subscribers customer base quickly and introduce new products in a cost-effective way. By using the Genie Gateway, Subscribers can take orders online or by phone using the Genie Gateway Virtual Office, 24 hours a day, without hiring additional sales staff" said AllCom COO, Randall Skala.

"But we've left the best for last," said Skala with a smile. "There's one feature that makes the Genie Gateway different from every other online sales tool that you have ever seen. Real Time payment. Unlike other sorts of merchant accounts where you make sales today and wait days or weeks for a reconciliation payment from your bank, Genie Gateway merchants are paid immediately, as the payments are processed."

"Why wait? For ANYTHING?" Skala asked.

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