Control Products, Inc. Offers Industrial and Military Grade

Control Products, Inc. is offering both industrial and military grade switches. They offer a wide variety of makes and models and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – E. Hanover, NJ – E. Hanover, New Jersey , 25 January 2013: Control Products, Inc. is a leading control solutions provider and is now offering industrial and military grade totally submersible momentary contact switches. These switches are an extension of Control Products, Inc.’s basic sealed pushbutton switch product line. The company is offering industrial grade as well as military grade momentary switches. These switches perform the basic function of changing the circuit depending upon user interaction.

A spokesperson working with Control Products, Inc. stated, “We have a complete range of industrial grade momentary contact switches such as the B5135 Normally Closed Pushbutton Switch, B5136 SPDT Pushbutton Switch, B5151 Normally Open Pushbutton Switch, B5153 SPDT Pushbutton Switch, etc. Military grade monetary switches from Control Products, Inc. include B2004 SPDT Pushbutton Switch, B2005 Normally Open Pushbutton Switch, B2031 Normally Closed Pushbutton Switch and many more.”

Encased in Santoprene thermoplastic rubber, industrial grade momentary switches are designed for actuation applications and also to find usage in panel switch brackets. Military grade switches encased in Neoprene rubber are designed for actuation applications as well. The encasing ensures that momentary switches are able to perform even when they are totally submerged in water, oil and other liquids.

Elaborating on the submersible feature of momentary contact switches offered by Control Products, Inc. the spokesperson said, “For better control solutions we have been delivering our clients with quality engineered products like linear position sensors, thermal switches and waterproof switches for years now. Completely submersible momentary contact switches are a sub-category of our waterproof switches product line and they are designed to function properly even when totally submerged.”

Being one of the leading control solutions providers based in New Jersey, Control Products, Inc. has been catering to industries such as aerospace, oil, gas, material handling and off-highway. The company also specializes in providing Pendant Switches, Limit Switches, Plunger Switches and Ball Switches for military applications.

About the Company:

Control Products, Inc. is a distinguished supplier of switches and sensors used in industrial and military control operations. The company has three basic platform product lines of Thermal Switches, Waterproof Switches and Linear Position Sensors. Under waterproof switches product line Control Products, Inc. offers momentary switch models, maintained switch models, limit switch models, etc.

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