IHealthNet.org Offers Useful Advice on Health & Lifestyle Online

IHealthNet.org is a leading online health website with well researched health tips on a wide range of topics such as neck injuries, aging problems, pregnancy issues, alternative treatments and more

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – Portland, OR – Portland, OR ( onlineprnews ) January 25, 2013 - IHealthNet.org has emerged as a credible source for health and lifestyle tips online. The leading health website has also promised to provide its visitors with well researched and useful advice on good health and well being.

IHealthNet is the acronym of Integrative Health Network which describes itself as an active online group focused on researching as well as providing valid and functional data on different health related topics. "We strongly believe that being healthy is the main key to real happiness in life. Hence we have come up here with a huge database of health related articles and explanation on a vast range of problems. We hope that our readers can get on the right track to stay fit and healthy, which in turn will help them to achieve their desired happiness in life", said the spokesperson of the Integrative Health Network.

The IHealthNet has come up with health advice on an extensive array of health topics. There are sections on headaches where the experts discuss about neck pain and headaches( http://www.ihealthnet.org/neck-pain-and-headaches ) or cervicogenic headache. Readers can find pointers on the causes, symptoms as well as the possible treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and corrective surgeries, etc. The website also specifically stresses on the significance of maintaining a headache diary( http://www.ihealthnet.org/sample-headache-diary-and-tips ) to aid in the headache treatment process. The Integrative Health Network also covers subjects on migraine, chronic and tension headaches.

"We have covered an extensive array of health related topics such as food & medicine, aging issues, allergies, importance of exercising and general health. You will also find separate sections on women's health that include discussions on motherhood and pregnancy", the spokesperson said. "Since staying healthy is one of the major essentials of beauty, we have also added resources on skin care tips as well", he added.

IHealthNet is on the constant spree to enhance and enrich its online database in order to provide its readers with the most updated remedies and information on different health issues.

To know further about IHealthNet, visit the official site at http://www.ihealthnet.org