Launches Online Personal, Career, and Business Coaching

UK based now offers personal, career, and business coaching. The service offers advice, guidance, and a means of reducing stress in today's fast - paced world.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – Bristol, UK, January 25, 2013 – has launched new coaching and mentoring services aimed to help people deal with relationship, career, and business issues.

The new services bring together the skills of Brian Snellgrove and his wife Francoise Sauze, to help people who have maybe lost their way, feel they need specific advice about a personal, career or business issues, or maybe just feel they need a bit of direction to achieve their goals.

Online personal coaching is often used by people who feel they need relationship advice and guidance. Brian Snellgrove explained: "The idea behind coaching and mentoring, especially for personal issues, is to help the person reach the answers to their questions."

Typical questions the couple have faced often involve making a big decision. "We often get asked a question such as 'should I divorce my partner?' Our role as life coaches and mentors is not to say yes or no, but to listen to what the person has to say, and then to simply ask the right questions. This often helps the person reach the decision that's right for them."

The couple's skills however are not limited to the personal realm. One area of expertise is their skill at helping individuals, who through stress have become unproductive members of a team.

"Regardless of the cause of stress, whether at home or at work I can help people get back on track. Often, stress comes from more one than one source, and this can have a devastating effect on an individual", continued Brian.

"This can come from a missed promotion, or being in a position where a person feels out of their depth. Sometimes an hour with us can make all the difference."

The service is open to all businesses who feel an individual could be more productive but due to pressures in and out of work is not. It can also be part of a health and safety programme.

The new services have been designed to fit in with your schedule. "We're available on Skype for on -the - go consultations, and we offer a weekend break to unwind and relax."

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed or perhaps need guidance. Brian and his wife can bring their forty years of experience at helping people and business see the right path. Why not visit to get the online personal, career, and business coaching you need.

About is the website of Brian Snellgrove and his wife Francoise Sauze. Together they have been helping people who suffer with stress for forty years.

Brian has published three books on the subject of helping people, ‘The Unseen Self - Your Hidden Potential’ and ‘The Magic in Your Hands’. He has also published a handbook for other counsellors entitled, ‘Who is my client?’

Brian has worked with the homeless and with business as a counsellor. He has lectured and consulted in 17 countries.

Brian specialises in helping business and self – employed people as well as those needing relationship advice.

Brian Snellgrove 49 Cedar Close, Dulwich SE21 8HX, United Kingdom
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