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Gene Griessm an, the popular conference keynote speaker who conducts motivation, leadership, and business management programs by giving examples from the life of President Abraham Lincoln.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – Atlanta, GA – Companies looking to motivate their employees and managers and want to develop effective communication skills in them prefer using the services of the hugely popular and effective conference key speaker, Gene Griessman. The programs use various examples from Abraham Lincoln’s life to help managers and employees gain an understanding of the habits and skills that made Lincoln one of the greatest speakers and communicators ever.

The programs, seminars, and keynote addresses include the best of Gene Griessman such as ‘Lincoln Live,’ ‘Lincoln Secrets Revealed,’ ‘How to Lead Like Lincoln,’ ‘How Abraham Lincoln and All High Achievers Get More Out of Every Day,’ ‘Lincoln on how to do Business With Americans,’ and ‘How to Communicate like Lincoln.’

The prime focus of these programs is on highlighting the various aspects of the life of President Abraham Lincoln that helps people develop attitudes, values, and skills to make them successful in their respective professions. The attendees also learn effective communication skills which can boost their career prospects and help them scale the success ladder faster in their chosen profession.

Top names in American business such as IBM, USC, Turner Broadcasting, Lexmark, Bank of America, and United States Courts have all used the services of Dr. Gene Griessman. This actor, playwright, and communication expert of international repute shows you how the communication skills of the former President can be used to bring about a spectacular improvement in the way you communicate and in various other areas of your professional life.

Dr. Gene Griessman, the conference keynote speaker has performed at the Fords Theatre, the Georgia Dome, the Ice Palace, the Lincoln Memorial, and aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln as well.

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