SuperFavs Free App Software to Launch

SuperFavs is a one click launch app to users favorite websites. It is most similar to personalized bookmarks fixed in any order user chooses. It is fully customizable and can be used with a computer or mobile device and allows hundreds of favs.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – Nashville – Nashville, TN, January 25, 2013 -- A Nashville developer has created an app known as SuperFavs. When user clicks Edit Mode it's a simple drag and drop of favs to any slot. Those favs utilize company logos so it is super easy to see, navigate, and mega fast.

Most users will want to put their most frequently visited websites toward the top. Any link and even sublinks can be input. For example; One might have weather as a fav but user can automatically open their 5-day forecast. SuperFavs saves all preferences once user closes edit.

One of the most frustrating aspects of typical bookmarks is the disparity between web browsers. SuperFavs is "user set preferences." It doesn't matter which browser is used; FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or mobile device. Browsers cannot change the SuperFavs personalized preferences.

Out of frustration with bookmarks, SuperFavs was developed by Gene Sibbett, strictly for his own purpose. "I've used it for months, but I never dreamed we'd develop it for free commercial use" says Sibbett. He gave it to a number of people who all said they loved the app and recommended he make it available to everyone.

When Sibbett approached professional developers about the possibility of getting SuperFavs under commercial development the developers thought the app was ingenious and could adapt SuperFavs for commercial use. The professional developers recommended he make money as a business selling the software.

Sibbett was adamant that the app be free to all users and without annoying popup ads, which he passionately hates, and because he wanted it for his own use and free to everyone --all without requiring human intervention.

This did create several challenges:
1. The software had to be created with no open source code and must use dedicated software on stable and dedicated servers.

Sibbett is a Nashville producer who has produced alongside some of the biggest names in country and gospel music with numerous top #10 hits to their credit. He and his wife also manage a large self storage center and claims he has no time to monitor SuperFavs. Therefore, he was adamant that SuperFavs run with little to no human intervention.

2. Although a similar app could have been created using open source code for under $2,000 --and Sibbett could personally bear that financial responsibility, the cost to create such an app with dedicated software and servers neared the $10,000 range and Sibbett claimed this amount would be a bit too much for him to personally bear; particularly since it will be free to all users and the money would never likely be recouped. He felt this was a good project for a micro-fund campaign.

Sibbett said; "I would like launch a micro-fund project because SuperFavs saves users a ton of time and frustration" and he has begun the process of preparing such a campaign. The team has already completed the video shoot. "It turned out okay" and jokes... "except the hilarious outtakes, but we might even provide a separate 'outtakes' video just for laughs" Sibbett said.

According to the SuperFavs development team it will now take less than 60 days from the time contribution goals are reached to bring SuperFavs free to all users.

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SuperFavs Free App Software to Launch

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