The Future of Fitness: Exciting Health Inventions Debut at the 2013 International CES

When it comes to staying in shape, society has come far from simply exercising in the gym and eating balanced diets. With the advancements of technology revolutionising consumer electronics, the world of health and fitness will once again reshape the people's lifestyles.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – 176 Enoggera Rd, Newmarket QLD 4051, Australia Queensland QLD 4051 – Most people are always looking for the next big trends in technology, and no other tech convention can deliver such a demand than the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Held every January, the trade show proudly exhibits a wide array of the latest gadgets and inventions, as well as previews and announcements of upcoming products from major electronics manufacturers. Fancy televisions, computers, smartphones, and robots aside, the International CES is also the arena where tech geniuses in the field of health and fitness showcase their latest creations.

The 2013 event brought forth ingenious products from health experts that will challenge the way people live their lives, selling the firm belief that technology is the answer to mental and physical wellbeing. Health-oriented companies and tech developers have collaborated together to unleash a parade of apps, accessories, and gizmos to help lose weight, eat properly, exercise regularly, prevent disease, manage illness, and banish infirmity.

One such fascinating tool to come out of the 2013 CES is the HAPIfork, a prototype invention engineered by the French company, Hapilabs. The advanced dining implement is designed to help keep people in shape by monitoring the speed of your eating; eat too fast and the fork vibrates, effectively reminding you to slow down. Another featured highlight is a wearable body sensor called Metria, courtesy of Chicago-based medical technology company, Vancive. Metria is a small patch that is applied to the chest much like a band-aid, during which it measures heartbeat, skin hydration, breathing, steps taken, and sleeping patterns. Both products are due to be released on sale to the general public later this year.

The presentation at the 2013 CES has drawn a strong crowd of fitness enthusiasts who are eager to snap up some of the various products on display once they are cleared for sale in the consumer market. Engineers from different tech companies around the world that were invited to show at the event such as Philippe Monteiro de Rocha (Hapilabs), Ryan Hruska (Vancive), Joseph Martorano (iHealth), and Andrea Shukis (NeuroSky) are all in general agreement that their products can benefit everyone who wants to augment their personal fitness programmes and live healthier lifestyles for the future.

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