Urdu World – Where Pictures Bring Urdu Poetry to Life

Urdu World is the ideal forum for lovers of the Urdu language. This website contains plenty of Urdu poetry, couplets and stories. This website has also pioneered the concept of Urdu Poetry images that gives images to beautiful poetry.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – London – London, United Kingdom – Urdu World is a premier Urdu portal that contains an eclectic collection of Urdu poetry, stories, novels, Urdu couplets, articles and debates. The website also has a good collection of Urdu jokes and interesting SMS messages.

This site is one of the oldest Urdu forums on the Internet. Many famous Indian and Pakistani poets have their Urdu Shayari published on this site. The topics on which the poems are written are rich and diverse in their content. One can find romantic, sad and motivational poems in the collection. There are also debates on the forum on current affairs, religious matters and social issues. Visitors to this site can go through the pages on wallpapers and greeting cards which are designed by Urdu World designers. Those who take an interest in religious matters will find the inner pages on the Quran and the Hadith very interesting. The blogs found on this site are informative as well as interesting. The blog categories are not just restricted to religious affairs. There are articles written on contemporary matters such as information technology, world affairs and digital art. People can register themselves on this website and join a debate on a subject that they are interested in. They can not only voice their own opinion but also understand the viewpoint of others in the forum.

Many people have a passion for games. They can browse through the arcade that contains some interesting video games. The photo gallery of the website has a huge collection of photographs. These photographs give images to the words of many famous Urdu poets. This site was responsible for pioneering the concept of Urdu Poetry Images. These images enhance the joy of reading Urdu poetry as they enable the reader to visualise the meaning of the poem. Visitors to the site can also download many Islamic books that are found in both Urdu as well as English.

Registration on this website is quite simple. It is also possible to join this website by using the Facebook login details. Many people have a passion for Urdu. Many great poets over the years like Mirza Galib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Allama Iqbal and Parveen Shakir have made beautiful use of this language. This forum brings together lovers of this language on one common platform. Visitors to this website will find other likeminded people who adore this ancient language as much as they do. Those who want to join can log on to http://forum.urduworld.com.