10% Discount On All World Wall Maps For Maps International Customers Until 26 April 2010

Maps International has a special offer on their website at the moment. From now until Tuesday 26th April 2010, customers can save 10% on all world wall maps. Discount is automatically applied online when shopping.

Online PR News – 26-April-2010 – – There are a huge range of world wall maps included in this offer. We have our traditional and ever popular political and physical world wall maps which come in a range of sizes. These world wall maps are bright, clear and of the fantastic quality you would expect from Maps International.

Political world wall maps show the country boundaries and the countries coloured in different delightful shades to show the separation of countries politically. The political world wall maps come with the option of a panel of country flags along the base of the map which only adds to how useful they are as a point of reference. The physical world wall maps show the natural terrain of the land as well as showing the international boundaries clearly marked. With land and sea shading and information including the mountain heights this is an informative and useful map. These popular world wall maps come in a range of sizes, from a smaller size all the way through to the huge world wall maps which are the largest single sheet paper map available to buy. They are so big even that they are size of a Smart Car!

Depending on the style of world wall map you choose, there is a range of finishes available. Select a paper map or a laminated map for more of a sturdy finish. Maps International also offer maps with a roller blind system, magnetic mounted or mounted in a wooden frame.

As well as the more traditional world wall maps, Maps International also offer more quirky world wall maps including the Pacific Centred world wall map and the Upside Down world wall map. The Pacific Centred world wall map parts the world along the Atlantic Ocean so the centre of the map is the pacific region and Australasia compared to Europe and Africa in the traditional maps. The Upside Down map is another interesting concept where by the countries are shown the opposite way round. The south is at the top of the map, the north is at the base and the southern hemisphere is now at the top. The countries you expect to see in the west are now on the left of the map, and those on the east traditionally, are now on the right of this upside down map.

All these world wall maps have 10% off including the Upside Down world wall map, the Pacific Centred map, and the more traditional political and physical world wall maps. This offer ends 26th April 2010 so ensure orders are placed quickly to ensure you don’t miss out!

You really can select the world wall map which most suits your needs, in these easy steps:
1. Select your map style e.g. political / physical / upside down / pacific centred.
2. Select the size of your map (if applicable).
3. Select the finish required.