Sound Fighter Systems LSE Sound Barrier Systems Withstand Strong Storms, Wind

Sound Fighter Systems LLC controls noise and can withstand against strong storms and winds

Online PR News – 25-January-2013 – Shreveport, LA – Sound Fighter Systems LSE Sound Barrier System proved once again that it can withstand strong winds. The LSE sound wall built at a Lowe’s retail store in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina remained unaffected by strong storms and wind brought by Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast.

Last year Lowe’s received approval of a site plan for a new 158,000-square-foot store in Kill Devil Hills on property just north of the Wright Brothers National Memorial. The home-improvement retail giant had proposed to build the store and more than 400 parking spaces on 13 acres of commercially zoned property amidst community concern.

One of the concerns expressed by residents of Kill Devil Hills was the potential increase in noise from commercial development in their community. Lowe’s had a noise study conducted by an engineering firm that provided sound measurements for trucks loading and unloading, the trash compactor, forklifts and other equipment. The noise study found that the trash compactor and truck noise exceeded the town’s limit of 60 decibels. As result of the study, Lowe’s proposed the addition of a sound wall at the rear of the store. Sound Fighter Systems was selected to build a 15 foot high LSE absorptive sound barrier wall system to be lined with trees and shrubbery instead of the 6-foot-high wooden privacy fence that was included in Lowe’s original plan.

Not long after the LSE Noise Barrier was installed, Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast. Although the brunt of the storm was further north up the coast, the Kill Devil Hills area incurred strong storms and wind with the Category 1 hurricane. However, the LSE Noise Barrier at Lowe’s remained unblemished by these storms.

Sound Fighter Systems LSE Noise Barrier has a long track record of withstanding hurricanes as the company got their start along the Gulf Coast. Sound Fighter Systems sound wall installations in the area have endured the likes of Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita, Ike and others. Recently Sound Fighter Systems LSE Sound Barrier System withstood wind load tests of a wind machine’s max capacity of 130 mph. while all test participants agreed that the noise barrier could withstand considerably higher wind loads.

About Sound Fighter® Systems, L.L.C.:
Sound Fighter® Systems, LLC has been researching, designing and manufacturing highly efficient absorptive noise barrier walls since 1973, making it the oldest established manufacturer of such products in America. Sound Fighter® walls have been produced for unique noise mitigation applications around the world. Some of the many applications for Sound Fighter® walls include Highways & Interstates, Bridges, Truck Turnarounds and Loading Docks, Shopping Centers, Industrial and Commercial Sites, Residential Developments, Race Tracks, Schools, Chillers, Transformers, Compressors, HVAC Equipment, Gas Processing and Transmission Stations, Utility Stations and Manufacturing Plants. The company is headquartered in Shreveport, LA. To find out more about Sound Fighter Systems visit: