Chef Jeff Live Fruits And Vegetables Now Available Online

Holland Bulb Farms recently announced the addition of live Chef Jeff Fruit and Vegetable plants to their online retail store. These plants are certified free of GMO's and harsh chemicals, making them a great choice for fresh, naturally-grown plants.

Online PR News – 29-January-2013 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Holland Bulb Farms recently announced a new addition to their online retail store: live fruit and vegetable plants produced by Chef Jeff. Only previously sold in stores, this marks the online debut of these naturally-grown, premium plants. Primarily specializing in the sale of bulbs and root stock, this also marks the introduction of live plants on the Holland Bulb Farms site. While still continuing to offer seeds and root stock, the people at Holland Bulb Farms desired to provide their customers with a live fruit and vegetable plant option as well. Owner and co-founder of Holland Bulb Farms, Jon Studer, says “We wanted to offer our customers, especially those in areas where spring takes a while to arrive, a chance at a full, bountiful garden of fresh and naturally-grown fruits and vegetables. Our grower raises these Chef Jeff plants naturally for maximum strength and vigor with our customers’ gardening success in mind.”

In this modern age of technology and instant gratification, more and more gardeners are choosing to purchase their planting materials from the comfort of their own homes and prefer for these materials to already be well on their way to producing large, healthy plants. The ability to order live Chef Jeff Fruit and Vegetable plants online satisfies both of these desires. This new section of the Holland Bulb Farms website features a wide array of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, melons, and more. They also offer several pre-assembled kits or collections, which make it possible to grow all of the ingredients for homemade salsa or even produce a fun planting project with the kids. All live plants are shipped in large 4” pots beginning in early April and arrive in attractive packaging which adequately protects the live plant during the shipment process.

Besides making it incredibly easy and hassle-free to start growing your own food, perhaps the best feature of these live plants is their safe and chemical-free nature. It has often been said that the only way to be sure food is truly organic and free of chemical growth regulators is to grow it oneself. The Chef Jeff line makes this possible! All of their plants are certified to be free of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and also to be grown in the absence of any harsh chemicals. With a growing concern regarding these unnatural alterations within the gardening community, these two factors should not be ignored.

The convenience of ordering along with the high quality of these plants creates a winning combination not to be missed in any spring garden this year!

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