Infrared heaters - which is important to the purchase decision

The REDPUR GmbH is a southern German high-tech company that specializes in innovative and environmentally friendly infrared heating systems.

Online PR News – 25-January-2013 – Baden-Württemberg,Hayingen – Infrared heaters - which is important to the purchase decision
Infrared heaters are a very modern heating solution that scores in many users not only by their energy and cost efficiency, but also their most environmentally friendly way of working. Also, most experts in innovative heating, construction and environmental engineering are about it now agree. To get the most of your infrared heater last a lifetime, before buying the attention of some important rules is essential.
Hayingen | An infrared heating your air-conditioned rooms in the same way, after the solar radiation warms. Your heating effect is based in contrast to the conventional convection heating systems - for example, oil and gas installations - not on air warming, but the storage of thermal energy in the "building envelope" and all surfaces, objects and bodies in an infrared heated room. From their technological principle result is a potentially very high efficiency and minimal energy losses.

However, the market for infrared heating systems has become quite confusing. Many manufacturers advertise their deals with the message that their product has the advantages of an infrared heater in optimal dimensions. Whether the heater meets the advertising promises in everyday operation shows, naturally after the purchase.

Infrared heating systems from domestic production - precision products with certified quality

High quality infrared heating systems are innovative precision products that must be convinced by the quality of their workmanship and the materials used. A no-go, for example, heating systems using the. Dämmwollen cheap, by their exhalations harmful glues or cheap PVC cables are used without safety thermostats Very inferior infrared heaters ( are often offered with the heating of pastes.

A quality heating, distinguishes itself by using high quality, durable and stable materials that support the performance of the infrared heating system in an optimal way. It is important, inter alia, that the heating achieved through optimal structuring of its surfaces a high radiating efficiency - at the front thereof are surfaces with high radiation efficiency needed. Coarse-grained surfaces that come in a wide range of infrared heaters manufacturers for use cabinets, heating and energy efficiency considerably through a strong splitting of the infrared radiation. Optimally, however, are surfaces with fine structures, such as sheets of steel powdered discreetly.

Before purchasing a look at origin and certificates of infrared heating is a must. A manufacturer who can not prove compliance with certified standards for its heating system, provides you with a quality product safety. As a minimum standard must identify the seal of approval by TÜV that the heater complies with all applicable safety requirements. Quality manufacturers guarantee their infrared heaters by more cachet also that, for the manufacture of the systems no harmful or hazardous materials have been used in the everyday operation of the heating and little or no electromagnetic arises.

You are on the safe side, if you opt for a product produced in Germany infrared heating system - a local production site is still an important quality criterion.

Purchase of an infrared heating system - only after personal consultation and on-site appointment

Of course there are far infrared heaters on sale in various online shops. We recommend: hands off! Your car would not you eventually acquire it from the Internet. An online merchant without personal consultation and on-site service, you will not support the calculation of the necessary capacities with the infrared heating system even when it is installed. The advantage of buying short-term savings can be very swiftly into its opposite. An infrared heater that is not optimally configured for your building works, in your everyday life by insufficient heating or high power consumption may over years as Comfort level and cost drivers.

Infrared heating systems of REDPUR - your superior product and service alternative

The Swabian REDPUR GmbH presents itself in the market for infrared heating systems as a very sophisticated product and service alternative. Our evolutionary infrared heaters are manufactured in southern Germany using the highest quality high-tech materials. Your production will be accompanied by strict quality management. REDPUR guarantees to purchasers of its heating systems TÜV-tested quality and safety. The EMC seal from TÜV Süd confirms compliance with the safety requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. The REDPUR infrared heater also meets the "ROHS Compliant" standards, so come out without potentially harmful health / hazardous materials.

REDPUR warrants its quality products, a 72-month manufacturer's warranty and is thus in the absolute top of the industry. The heating systems are sold REDPUR of selected trading partners with proven technical expertise and craftsmanship. In REDPUR partner network is the highest quality service for our customers in the first place: Before you buy, please contact the traders REDPUR a detailed heating and energy consulting. After at least one on-site appointment, our experts are calculated in this context of course, the necessary capacity of your heating and give a forecast for its energy consumption level. During the assembly, and the overall integration of REDPUR infrared heating systems in your building project we are also using our technical expertise as well as craftsmen and architects' services to the side. Generally speaking: the REDPUR GmbH and our dealer network before you join and after buying an infrared heating system REDPUR as competent service partner.


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The REDPUR GmbH is a southern German high-tech company that specializes in innovative and environmentally friendly infrared heating systems. Behind the precision of products REDPUR is the proven technological and commercial expertise of four South German entrepreneurs with years of experience with innovative heating and environmental engineering. Infrared heating systems for their evolutionary REDPUR GmbH guarantees the highest quality and continuous development based on the latest technological standards. All REDPUR heating systems are manufactured in the Swabian Alb.

In addition to technical excellence and comprehensive service to their clients the REDPUR GmbH in their business objectives and their environmental vision firmly anchored. The infrared heaters are REDPUR by their energy and cost efficiency of the cleanest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly heating offers on the market. In conjunction with a decentralized energy supply from renewable sources they allow substantial energy freedom, and thus the sustainable conservation of our natural resources.