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Find out more about how you can take advantage of professional and objective commercial and home inspections for termites, mold, asbestos and more from Pacific Northwest Inspections Group.

Online PR News – 25-January-2013 – Bellevue, WA – Regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, it is vital for you to have a complete Home Inspection report first. This can provide the integrity and knowledge needed for any home, offering both buyers and sellers the opportunity to see the pros and cons associated with each property. If you are selling, a pre-listing inspection can enhance your property's selling points and if you are buying, it can give you the information you need before making an offer.

If you are looking for home inspections in the Pacific Northwest, look no further than Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, available online at Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, you need home inspection services to provide security and peace of mind. Some of the services available at PNWIG include traditional home inspections, asbestos inspections, new construction, energy audits, lead paint, commercial and Mold.

Each of these is equally as important, but with Pacific Northwest's mold inspection services, you will be able to ensure that mold is not an issue, before buying or selling any property. According to insurance companies, mold problems are extremely expensive, because not only are they toxic, but cleanup is extremely costly. To ensure there is no mold growing in any property you are interested in purchasing or are selling, let Pacific Northwest Inspection Group perform your mold testing first.

As an independent company, you will only receive current building conditions, including mold suspicion, termites, asbestos, lead paint and more. You can trust Pacific Northwest's home inspections, because they are professional, experienced and objective, giving you the opportunity to protect you and your family from allergies, asthma and other immunodeficiencies that are associated with mold exposure. With every mold inspection from Pacific Northwest Inspection Group, you will receive additional information on what to expect, including environmental conditions, exposure levels, types and species and much more.

Some people are simply irritated by mold, and experience headaches and other similar symptoms, caused from the volatile organic compounds. The most common reaction to mold is allergic, causing cough, nose and throat irritation, headaches, congestion, fever, aches and pains and much more. With more than 100 different species of mold capable of causing human infection, it is vital for you to have an experienced, knowledgeable and objective mold inspection in any home you are considering buying or selling.

In addition to mold inspections and testing, you can also take advantage of commercial building inspections as well. Using infrared thermography, they will be able to provide you with a wide variety of assessments, including on sewer, water pipes and other aspects of the structure, regardless of how large or small. Also, they offer siding inspections as well, ensuring that every building is protected from all types of water intrusions, eliminating damage repairs, mold issues and more.

It is important for your safety and security to have a home inspection performed before buying or selling any property. Whether you need a home inspection, mold, termite, or asbestos inspections, contact Pacific Northwest Inspections Group first, at In addition, you can contact them directly by telephone at 425-608-9553, or visit them at their office, which is located at Suite 12, 13256 N. E. 20th St. in Bellevue Washington.