Adds Black Ops 2 Modded Controller Rapid Fire Comparison Video

Gamers demands have been answered as confirms the unparallelled compatibility and performance of its modded controllers with this year’s hottest game title, Black Ops 2 in a side by side rapid fire comparison video.

Online PR News – 24-January-2013 – New York – Gamers have been continually asking whether the IntensaFire is really worth it for Black Ops 2? Does it make that big of a difference? Well, as the old adage goes: Seeing is Believing has put together a video montage. This is not just for one’s viewing pleasure, but also to show the incredible effect IntensaFire controller mods have on various weapons and gameplay in Black Ops 2. Yes, the IntensaFire modded controller make a world of difference when playing Black Ops 2 and are 100 % worth it!

The Video Speaks Louder than Words
Instead of droning on and on about how the IntensaFire converts single-shot and semi-automatic weapons to fire at blistering fast rapid fire rates by simply pulling and holding the trigger.

Before any conspiracy theorists chime in, this video was not made by a professional video firm nor is the game action being controlled by a professional video gamer. This video was made in house using rudimentary equipment and the gameplay was controlled by one of the newer techs with limited gaming experience. So if it can turn this gamer into a lean, mean killing machine, just wait and see what Xbox 360 modded controllers can do for other gamers.

First weapon up in the video is the SVU-AS. The SVU-AS is a bullpup sniper rifle that what it lacks for in firepower is made up in its lack of recoil and its highest rate of fire for all sniper rifles in Black Ops 2. The bottom right of the screen shows a regular wireless controller firing at the fastest rate of fire allowed by rapidly pulling the trigger. The top left of your screen shows the SVU-AS firing at almost fully automatic firing rates by simply pressing and holding the trigger on one of our IntensaFire custom modded controllers.

Next up is the Five Seven. The Five Seven is a semi automatic pistol with low recoil, fast reloads and is capable of holding up to 16 rounds. Again the lower right shows a non modified controller and the top left shows an IntensaFire modded controller. With the IntensaFire modded controller, gamers just sit back, pull the trigger and let the controller mod do all the work.

The FAL-OSW is a semi automatic assault rifle that features low recoil but strong damage output considering. The FAL-OSW boasts 2 shot kills at medium range and 3 shot kills at long range. No other assault rifle can compete with this fire power.

TAC 45
The TAC 45 is a semi-automatic handgun that offers high damage at close range. The TAC 45 may have slightly higher visual recoil than the Five-Seven, but its 2 shot kill range is four times the length of the Five-Seven.

The SMR is a bullpup semi-automatic assault rifle that offers the highest damage per round in its class. There is no better combination than the best in class assault rifle with the best in class rapid fire mod.

Gamers just know how powerful this rifle is, especially for headshots.

Shot gun meet hand gun as seen in the Executioner. A double-action revolver style pistol that fires 28 gauge shotgun rapid fire rates with the IntensaFire.

The XPR-50 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is especially deadly from the chest up all the while boasting minimal recoil. For an unparalleled killer combo, gamers can combine this rifle with an IntensaFire No Scope.

For gamers that have been playing Black Ops 2 without an IntensaFireStore rapid fire modded controller, there’s no more excuses. The IntensaFireStore rapid fire controller mods offer unmatched compatibility and performance.

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