The US Eyecare Industry Outlook to 2017 - Lenses Segment Continues to Maintain its Dominance

The revenue of the US eyecare market displayed a strong resistance to the recessionary period and kept a decent pace of growth

Online PR News – 24-January-2013 – Delhi, India – Executive Summary

The report titled “The US Eyecare Industry Outlook to 2017 – Lenses Segment Continues to Maintain its Dominance” provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as market size of the US eyecare market along with the overview of the market segments such as frames, lenses, contact lenses, OTC readers, eye examinations and refractive surgeries. The report also covers the market share of the leading players in the lenses, contact lenses and sunglasses segment along with the market share of the major eyecare retailers in the US.

The US eyecare is a highly competitive and diverse market valued at USD ~ million in 2012, thus growing at a CAGR of 3.4% during the period 2006-2012. The US eyecare industry is structured in various forms of business models such as independent optical stores, big chain retailers, mass-merchandisers, big box-stores and ophthalmic medical practices.

The revenue of the US eyecare market displayed a strong resistance to the recessionary period and kept a decent pace of growth. The eyecare market in the country generated revenue worth of USD ~ million in 2006. It was observed that in 2008, the market recorded substantial growth of 13.1% over the previous year and generated revenue worth USD ~million during the year.

The general drivers of the eyecare market were the constant technological advancements in its segments as well as the price rise of ophthalmic products. The lenses segment contributed ~% to the overall revenue of the eyecare market in 2008 which increased to 30.0% in 2012. The frames segment of the US eyecare market grew at a stable pace of 1.3% from USD ~ million in 2006 to USD ~ million in 2012. During the period 2006-2012, the contact lenses contribution in the total eyecare market revenue has increased from ~% in 2006 to ~% in 2012. In 2007, the optical chain retail stores in the country made up ~% of the sunglass market. The revenue generated from refractive surgeries in the US retracted at a rate of ~% from 2006 at USD ~million to 2012. In 2011, 27.2 million adults were reported to be wearing OTC readers along with close to ~million unit sales.

The US ophthalmic lenses market was led by the French optics company, Essilor which generated nearly USD ~ million in 2011 contributing ~% to the total revenue of the US lenses segment. Carl Zeiss was next in line positioned as the second largest player in the lenses market with revenues of USD ~ million and market share of ~% in 2011.

In the technology driven market of contact lenses in the US which witnesses regular preference shifts on the part of the consumers, Johnson and Johnson’s ACCUVUE contact lenses are the most preferred by the eye care patients in the US. Johnson and Johnson generated nearly USD ~ million accounting for ~% of the USD ~ million contact lenses market in 2011. The contact lens brand of the Novartis, CIBA Vision accounted for ~% of the total contact lens market in the US in 2011 earning USD ~ million.

Many Eye Care Practitioners are keeping up with the big chain retailers by interacting with their customers via the internet. They are accommodating their existing and prospective customers developing easy- navigate websites and online appointment booking services.

The retail segment of the eyecare market in the US is dominated by several big chain optical retailers where the top 50 contribute ~% of the revenue to the retail segment. The optical retail group Luxottica is the market leader with a share of ~% in the retail market in the country, operating nearly 2,822 stores all over the US.

The eyecare industry in the US is anticipated to prolong its growth performance well in the near future. The revenue of the eyecare market will rise at a rate of ~to USD ~million in 2017 due to an expansion of the sales volume by an increasing user base rather than inclining prices.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

- The market size of the US Eyecare by revenue.
- Market segmentation of US Eyecare by Lenses, Frames, Contact Lenses, Sunglasses, Refractive Surgeries, OTC Readers and Eye Examinations.
- Market Share of Major Players (Essilor, Carl Zeiss, HOYA, Nikon, Seiko and others) in Lenses Segment
- Market Share of Major Players (Johnson & Johnson, CIBA Vision, Cooper Vision and Bausch and Lomb) in Contact Lenses Market
- Market Share of Major Players (Luxottica and Safilo) and Major Brands (Ray-Ban, Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Donna Karan, Bvlgari, Polo- Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Tiffany, Gucci, Armani, Dior, Hugo Boss and Others) in Sunglasses Market
- Trends and Development of the US Eyecare Market.
- Detailed company profiles of the major players of each product segment of Eyecare Market in the US.
- Market Share of top 20 optical retailers.
- Future outlook and projections of US Eyecare Market and segments on the basis of revenue.

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