QuickFixSynthetic.com Offering Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kits for Clearing Urine Drug Tests

QuickFixSynthetic.com that is distinguished supplier of fake urine and related products is offering Quick Fix synthetic urine kits. These kits have shown 100% pass rate upon using properly.

Online PR News – 24-January-2013 – HAYWARD, CA – Hayward, California, 24 January 2013: QuickFixSynthetic.com is offering synthetic urine kits that have all components of natural human urine. These fake urine kits are helpful in clearing urine drug tests which are generally requested by employers and physicians. When used in the correct manner, Quick Fix Synthetic urine kits display 100% pass rate. The online fake urine kits supplier offers discreet shipping for all Quick Fix Synthetic urine kits.

Briefing about how Quick Fix synthetic urine kit must be used, a senior sales manager said, “Using Quick Fix Synthetic Urine to pass the urine test is quite simple. Before going to the testing facility you need to pour urine in a cup and heat it for 10 to 15 seconds in microwave. Ideal temperature for heating the synthetic urine is 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. After the solution is perfectly heated you need to pour it back to bottle and shake rigorously for few minutes. Then the person needs to strap the bottle with some body part and head towards urine testing center.”

QuickFixSynthetic.com offers urine kits like QUICK FIX PLUS 5.7 2 Pack Deal, QUICK FIX 5.7 2 ounce version, QUICK FIX 5.7 PLUS, QUICK FIX 5.7 2 ounce version, QUICK FIX 5.7 10 Pack Deal, etc. at lowest internet prices. Every kit includes common items such as plastic bottle, heating pad, instructions for use and synthetic urine. The quantity of fake urine varies as per the order.

A senior marketing manager working with the company briefed, “Even though we are offering synthetic urine kits that guarantee 100% pass rate but then the person undergoing drug screening test must ensure that fake urine is kept at ideal temperature. To assure this QuickFixSynthetic.com is offering ‘The Strap’. It is a neoprene strap that can easily be worn around your upper thigh region. It makes the old way of using hand warmers much obsolete and you don’t require extra heating pads to keep synthetic urine warm”

Understanding that customers might need enhanced privacy, QuickFixSynthetic.com offers only discreet shipping. Quickfix urine kit is shipped in a discreet box which is label marked from ‘CA Logistics’. Even the billing statement of the customer carries the same name which ensures maximum privacy to customers.

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QuickFixSynthetic.com is reputed online distributor of Quick Fix synthetic urine kits that if used properly guarantees 100% success rate. The company does not manufacture Quick Fix synthetic urine kits and is not affiliated with manufacturer in any possible manner other than supplying of Quick Fix products.

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