Gold Jewellery Online launches new Extensive Gold Jewellery Site

A new site has been launched featuring gold necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. the goal has been to make gold jewellery affordable for the general populace.

Online PR News – 26-April-2010 – – Gold Jewellery Online is announcing this week the launch of a brand new website dedicated to selling affordable gold jewellery for the mass market.

"After successfully selling this line of gold jewellery for some time in our retail store, we decided to take it online and make this fantastic range of gold jewellery online," said a company spokesperson.

"Some of our most popular lines in our retail store have been our gold necklaces, and so we are excited to offer quite a large range of yellow and white gold necklaces online."

The website specializes in layered gold jewellery, which is gold fused on jeweller's brass. The company claims that this means that the jewellery is far more affordable than traditional gold jewellery, but is virtually identical in appearance and wear.

To back this claim up, Gold Jewellery Online include a lifetime replacement guarantee with each purchase, to ensure that any gold jewellery purchased will not tarnish or otherwise discolour.

"Over the coming months we are going to be dramatically expanding the already large range of jewellery items offered, and we look forward to bringing some fantastic new items to the market."

The site features a range of items, including gold necklaces, anklets, earrings. An extensive rang of gold rings are also available, and are proving to be quite popular.

Gold Jewellery Online launches this week and aims to become a market leader in affordable jewellery online.

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