HealthQuest Providing Effective Spinal Decompression Treatment

The revolutionary spinal decompression therapy is a FDA approved treatment that can heal most spinal complaints.

Online PR News – 25-January-2013 – Brooklyn, NY – The revolutionary spinal decompression therapy is a FDA approved treatment that can heal most spinal complaints.

HealthQuest, a leading multi specialty health care center in Brooklyn is providing effective spinal decompression treatment programs. The revolutionary spinal decompression therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that helps relieve neck, arm, leg or back pain by reversing nerve impairment, reducing loads on the spine, and treating damaged spinal discs.

Non surgical spinal decompression therapy is an innovative, proven technique that helps individuals affected by backaches and other spinal problem to get back to normal living. It is used primarily to treat disc injuries in the neck and lower back. Spinal decompression is performed using a decompression machine. The treatment is painless and has no side effects.

“It’s FDA-approved, and is safe and effective,” says one of the specialists at center.

Pressure is alleviated from the pain sensitive structures via mechanical traction. This traction based treatment provides relief for spinal problems by significantly reducing intra-disc pressure through cycles of distraction and partial relaxation. Herniated or protruded disc material is pulled back into the disc and the blood supply stimulated, to encourage healing.

Spinal decompression therapy is effective in treating disorders such as

• Sciatica
• Disc hernia
• Disc protrusion
• Foramenal stenosis
• Numbness
• Tingling
• Radiculopathy
• Spondylosis

HealthQuest has a team of experienced spinal decompression therapists who give their best efforts to ensure that patients return to a life of reduced pain. A treatment session usually lasts 20-25 minutes.

The physicians evaluate the person’s condition and medical history before recommending the appropriate treatment program. A comprehensive package may include modalities such as myofascial release, heat, soft tissue massage, ice, stretches and exercises.

At HealthQuest, a team of orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, chiropractors, pain management specialists, and physical therapists work in unison to provide patients with optimal results. The use of advanced technologies and treatment options ensure effective spinal decompression treatment.

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