BlueSkyDrugs – Offers a World of Generic Medicines to Global Customers

BlueSky is one of the most renowned pharmacies that have been offering a great service to customers all over the world.

Online PR News – 24-January-2013 – Unit #202A 8322 130th St Surrey, BC Canada V3W 8J9 – BlueSky is one of the most renowned pharmacies that have been offering a great service to customers all over the world. This pharmacy offers the best of generic medicines that help individuals to get the best treatment at the most reasonable rates. The best part about these generic medicines is that they are quite potent and has the same effects on an ailment as their branded counterparts.

There are many who are apprehensive about the effectiveness of generic drugs as they cost much less than their branded counterparts. The generic drugs have the same ingredients that a brand drug has. The price is low because the manufacturer of the generic drug does not require making any research and development.

BlueSky Edge

This pharmacy has been doing business for quite some time now and they have extended their business to various parts of the world with the help of their fulfillment centers that are located all across the world. Some of the fulfillment centers are located at India, UK, Turkey, and Singapore. As a customer one can be certain that they will get the best price from BlueSky than anywhere else. Moreover this pharmacy offers various kinds of guarantees that help customers to retain their faith on them.

The Pricing Guarantee

The pricing guarantee of the pharmacy is quite commendable. BlueSky promises to match any price that is offered by any other pharmacies that are in the league. Before matching the price, hey will however check if the price is promotional. Promotional prices are not matched. It must also be ensured that the manufacturer of both the medicines is the same.

The Product Guarantee

The product guarantee that is offered by BlueSky is also appreciable. The company promises to pay a 100% refund in case customers are not satisfied by the drug. Being a customer one should send the pack unopened to the pharmacy in order to get the complete refund. One can also get a 50% refund if they have opened the pack. However in that case the package must be shipped back to the pharmacy within 14 days via regular mail.

The Shipping Guarantee

The shipping guarantee is also quite good. BlueSky promises its domestic customers that if they do not receive the consignment within 21 days then it will be reshipped by the pharmacy at their own expense. For global customers the deadline is 30 days. If global customers do not receive he ordered drugs within 30 days then BlueSky will reship he entire consignment once again.

On a concluding note it can be said that BlueSky is certainly one of the most trusted pharmacies dealing with generic drugs. They have a huge reputation on the global front due to the great quality drugs and services that is offered. In order to know more on the drugs that are sold and the services offered log on to the website