BLS-Asia launches first-of-its-kind business travel packages to China

BLS-Asia launches first-of-its-kind business travel packages to China; achieves consistent 55% savings on Business Class/First Class tickets when bundled with luxury services

Online PR News – 25-January-2013 – Houston – Houston, Texas – Business Liaison Services – Asia (BLS-Asia) redefines business travel with the launch of a first-of-its-kind corporate travel package that includes all the conveniences business travelers need to get around China’s crowded cities and confusing corporate environment – all for less than the cost of a Business or First Class seat, and including the ticket, itself.

A smart bargain, these packages offers a consistent 55% savings on Business and First Class airline seats when bundled with luxury travel services including: luxury hotel accommodations, an interpreter from Hong Kong, a personalized fine dining menu, a full-time body man, and a chauffeured car.

Why travel this way?

No longer ‘lost in translation’, Gregory Patrick, serial entrepreneur and BLS-Asia CEO, has created a unique solution to the number one challenge non-Chinese speaking business travelers face in the region –navigating the local business landscape without committing a cultural faux pas or getting lost in the crowded labyrinth that is China, all while trying to operate in English or their native tongue.

Despite improvements in roads and airports, and the increase of world-class hotels in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing, it is still virtually impossible for non-Chinese speaking travelers to get around, much less conduct business, in industrial hubs like Guangzhou, Suzhou and Guangdong.The reason: even luxury brand hotels like JW Marriott, Shangri-La, Sofitel, Grand Hyatt, and Hilton have failed to maintain any semblance of international standards of communication.

Despite the number of locally owned websites in English that tell you otherwise, “they don’t understand the most simplistic request or inquiry”, says Patrick. “It is not unusual to experience several hang-ups during phone calls with locals. Simple things such as getting an adjustment in your hotel bill can involve four to six management staff, several conferences and a 20-30 minute conference in the lobby – and that’s in a luxury hotel.” Even giving directions to cab drivers pose a challenge. Patrick adds, “unless you have your destination in Chinese, cab drivers will just stare at you like a deer in the headlights”.

Language problems aside, business travelers also have to contend with uncomfortable (if not unsafe) cars and unprofessional drivers, below par concierge services from overpriced hotels, and unreliable tour guides. While it’s nice to be challenged with the “art of discovery” while on holiday, it is not optimum condition to conduct business.

China demystified

To solve these problems, BLS-Asia created corporate travel packages, dubbed ‘turnkey visits’, that take the business traveler from doorstep to doorstep across China’s business districts, avoiding theconfusion and potential complications non-Chinese speaking businessmen face.

The package includes:a Business or First Class ticket from almost all major airlines; luxury hotel accommodations; a proficient interpreter from Hong Kong who understands cultural nuances, has experience in business, and can help smooth-out kinks during negotiations; fine dining with pre-selected menu items from the best restaurants tailored to the traveler’s preferences; a full-time body man to provide assistance during the trip; and a comfortable, American-made car, chauffeured by a well-groomed and personable driver.

Bundled together, these amenities make the trip productive and top notch, which at the end of the day, is paramount to paying less than the cost of the ticket itself and getting everything for free.

With the help of sister company, GP Reciprocal, BLS-Asia helps business travelers conserve cash flow by providing an opportunity to fund their entire trip using credit card points. Rather than letting their points go to waste, the company offers as much as a 2:1 valuation (1.2 to 1.95 times) over the client’s current points valuation, giving value to an often overlooked asset.

More than just Business (or First) Class

The company’s differentiating factor, however, is its dedication to fulfilling the business traveler’s needs and priorities. From keeping them safe and relaxed while being driven around China’s streets, to helping them communicate effectively during business meetings, and making sure they return at the end of each productive day to exquisite food and luxury, the company is committed to catering to the business traveler’s success and comfort.

Drawing on the creativity of sister company DreamMaker (formerly Tours of Enchantment),world-renowned for designing unique and unforgettable vacation experiences for high net worth (HNW) clients, BLS-Asia goes beyond the norm to transform routine business trips into China-based holiday experiences for business travelers and their spouse.

Not For Everyone

A caveat – BLS-Asia is not for everyone. With its focus on the high net worth space, would-be travelers looking for ‘Economy Class’ tickets will be disappointed to know the company does not cater to the budget travel market.

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