Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, Corey Scott, Recognized For Helping Residents

When someone is accused of a crime, he/she wants an attorney in his/her corner that will do everything the law allows to try and prove him/her innocent. The first step in this is hiring an attorney that really cares about his clients and is willing to listen to what they have to say about the crime of which they are accused. This Indianapolis attorney does just that and helps his clients by providing the best legal defense possible.

Online PR News – 26-April-2010 – – Indianapolis, IN 4/26/10 -- The Law Offices of Corey Scott are pleased to announce that Corey has been recognized for his service to local residents in the realm of criminal defense. Corey sits down and listens to his clients and cares what they have to say in their own defense. This allows him to formulate the best defense strategy possible for each individual client.

Many attorneys in this day and age look at a client and see nothing but a number, usually preceded by a dollar sign. Corey Scott is not one of those attorneys. He works harder to provide his clients with the best defense possible because he does care about their situation.

In addition to practicing criminal law, This Indianapolis attorney also practices family law, personal injury cases, and estate planning. This makes him a very versatile attorney capable of handling most of the legal needs of the average person or family.

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