Experienced Child Care Provider Shares a New Website for New Child Care Jobs..

New website dedicated to new Child Care Providers and business improvements.

Online PR News – 26-April-2010 – – This website tackles careers in home child care, which has never been in such high demand as it is today. With both parents working, high quality child care is needed everywhere. "Developing a child care business that is not only highly profitable but is; low stress, produces high quality care, does not disrupt your home, or overwhelm the child care provider, are the challenges faced early in the business." This site teaches how child care can be chosen as a career. It is also dedicated to the early success of a new in- home child care provider OR for the current provider looking to improve their child care business.

Julie Ceaglske , author and child care provider for over 30 years, has written hundreds of pages to help providers achieve a successful business while staying at home with their own children. With potential incomes exceeding $40,000 per year (depending on your area), the site leads the potential child care provider to valid options- instead of minimum wage employment that simply does not pay the bills for most families today. The website was developed from her many years in the business, where she experienced what the mistakes are, as well as how to provide quality care. Key points covered are; advertising, parent interview, home preparation, what to charge, policies, contracts, license or registration, RED FLAGS, etc.

When asked about why she developed a website on this business, this is what Julie had to say; 'Over 30 years ago all I knew was I wanted to stay home with my kids, but I HAD to have an income. One of the few things I could do in my home to earn money was babysitting. It was extremely stressful- children with no parenting or discipline, disrespectful parents, bad habits, being taken advantage of, and disruption to my family. It was frustrating because I was so ignorant about the business and what it took to be successful at it. Over the years, I developed the business and improved the level of care by trial and error, as well as many hours of child development/education classes. The website teaches how to do the business right from the start. What I learned improved my desire to be a stay at home mom, with an income. That is why I created the web site about child care jobs.’

A visit to the web site immediately demonstrates the passion and effort to provide valuable information and help produce a true 'How To' tool for child care providers. This site is nicely done with images and graphics and does not drain the reader with lots of fluff or sales pitch. The navigation is laid out well, and the pages load quickly with back links to the Home Page, Top of Page, and links to related pages throughout. It includes several areas for readers to enter their own experiences, ideas, thoughts, or solutions to issues they have experienced. Julie’s blog is very active with current updates and content being added at a very good rate- making the RSS feed worth signing up for. "There is also a news letter that keeps readers up-to-date with product recalls, news stories, tips, and activities for kids." Definitely worth checking out even if you’re a parent considering in home child care.

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