Colorado Tax Resolution Company Develops Tax Debt Help Blog

Broomfield, Colorado based 20/20 Tax Resolution has announced the establishment of their new 20/20 Tax Debt Help Blog.

Online PR News – 25-January-2013 – Broomfield, Colorado – Broomfield, Colorado - January 24, 2013 – Broomfield, Colorado based 20/20 Tax Resolution has announced the establishment of their new 20/20 Tax Debt Help Blog. The blog is planned as an online source of useful tax information covering:
• General Tax Debt Issues--Explanation of common tax debt terminology and general tax information.
• IRS and State-- Discussion of Federal and State tax issues.
• Success Stories -- Stories of 20/20 Tax Resolution clients who were able to successfully resolve their tax issues.
• Useful Tax News and Tips -- Important State and Federal Tax News including recent news such as changes to tax laws, new tax debt programs, helpful tax tips and more.

Over 26 million Americans are currently dealing with tax related issues. These problems plague both individuals and businesses. A majority of these taxpayers, having fallen out of compliance with the IRS, may potentially face aggressive collection such as tax liens or levies. Once in this position it can seem impossible for the taxpayer to resolve the issue and get back into compliance with the IRS. Those seeking help often find a number of companies that advertise huge savings and make lofty promises to those in need of tax debt help; however very few provide clear, concise and accurate information about all of the tax resolution options available.

Through their 20/20 Tax Debt Help Blog the 20/20 Tax Resolution team hopes to provide useful information to these troubled taxpayers to help them navigate the complexities of taxes and the options available to them. Ultimately, the goal of the blog is to not only provide information to help bring taxpayers struggling with tax issues into compliance with the IRS and assist them in staying compliant but to also keep followers up to date on tax related issues. Currently the blog has close to a dozen posts on topics ranging from informational posts on tax levies and streamlined installment agreements to posts on recent events such as the record-breaking $580 million dollar Powerball jackpot and recently unclaimed tax refunds in California.

Founded in 1998, 20/20 Tax Resolution is the market leader in tax resolution services for businesses and individuals nationwide. Over the past 15 years, 20/20 Tax Resolution’s Enrolled Agents and licensed tax professionals have developed compassionate solutions for over 15,000 clients looking for help with their tax issues. 20/20 Tax Resolution is a privately held company located in Broomfield, CO. For more information on 20/20 Tax Resolution, please call 1-800-880-7318 or visit