New York Microscope Company Inc., Announces The Launch of New Website
22 January 2013
Industry leader, New York Microscope Company Inc., announced today the launch of a new, sister website - The new website will operate alongside their original website as both websites take on the growing needs of their clients for microscopes, digital cameras and laboratory equipment. In addition, the new site will also assist in the bid requests received by New York Microscope from the many schools and institutions that rely on them for their laboratory equipment, lab supplies, medical equipment and disposables. Citing a tremendous increase in demand from their existing customers, many of which have been loyal clients for over 30 years, as well as that from their many new clients, New York Microscope made the bold decision to launch an entirely new website rather than simply re-working their original website. "We reviewed feedback from our clients and made our own observations we came to the conclusion that a second website was the best way to implement new features such as an upgraded online shopping cart, live customer support, and quick response time to online service and repair requests," said Ossnat Koenig, President of New York Microscope Company Inc. "We were also confident that a second website would be the ideal way to provide our employees with the resources and tools they need to better assist our customers." New York Microscope Company has many clients that require service and repairs for equipment and for these clients the new website will be a convenient and useful customer service resource. Company representatives say that the new site is a full-service laboratory equipment and supply website that is ideally designed to meet all of their clients' laboratory, hospital and educational needs. New York Microscope has always made the needs of their customers priority one, shopping the world markets to find competitively priced, high quality laboratory equipment, microscopes and digital cameras for them for the last 3o years. Among the many products their customers will find at New York Microscope Company is a large selection and fully stocked inventory of lab supplies, medical equipment and human anatomy models and skeletons as well as glassware such as beakers and cylinders. Their products are some of the finest examples of laboratory equipment in the world. They take pride in providing their clients with friendly, professional customer service and their support staff is available 24/7 for any inquiries, concerns or technical issues. They are confident that their new website will help their customers find any product they need and will also provide them with a quick, easy and secure shopping cart and checkout service. For more information about New York Microscope visit their new website at or call 516-801-0313