JAIL the ending's much-ancitipated Finale, May Be the Blogosphere's 1st Blockbuster

Wedged between spine-chilling GOSSIP and the breathtaking BREATHE, JAIL is the one you will not believe.

Online PR News – 22-January-2013 – Sacramento/CA – Jail, the 12th blog-post from Author Kendall F. Person as thepublicblogger, is a mysterious, but smartly written story of a young woman, Marion Todd, who loses her virginity to and becomes pregnant by Jacob Tony, a confirmed bachelor, and sociopathic womanizer. Person's use of real life, real events in progression of a fictional tale, is a tribute to the deep understanding of his craft. And while the story is certainly intriguing, it is the puzzling cliffhanger, that has a legion of readers around the world waiting, setting the stage for the blogosphere's first blockbuster post.

JAIL is Person's second multi-episode, genre-transcending post. It keeps readers on the move (guaranteeing traffic at each blog), by jumping connected stories, between 3 of his 4 active blogs. The first was GOSSIP, the chilling 3-part special report, about the sometimes fatal affects of gossiping. Part One: Mind Control started the ride at Tennis and the Analogy of Life (sports blog); Part Two: Chaos moved readers into overdrive @ The Science of Spin (politics & literature blog), before concluding with its jaw-dropping finale: Wrath @ Life On Every Level (arts & entertainment blog).

GOSSIP was planned as a 3-part series from the very start. While even then, Person engaged in the 'playing with fire' technique of not writing each episode until the night before their publication date. However, thepublicblogger's Jail was planned only as a single article. But at 6:00p.m., Person was unhappy with the original concept, and wiped his mind clean. Four hours ticked by before the creative lights turned on. Falling into the story, he lost track of time, and when the stage had finally been set, he was then out of time. But three little words (...to be continued) gave him time to breath, but this is advertised as the conclusion, no safety nets left.

Person has laid a trap for his characters, but it is a trap that, he himself may fall into. Already, his style of writing has literary enthusiast buzzing about rather writing is a Performance Art. GOSSIP was certainly a show-stopping number, but real victory awaits. If he can deliver upon a classic, something for us to remember his name, than thepublicblogger may bring Kendall F. Person the recognition, that the Author (Capturing Spring, The Remembrance & An Angry World) did not quite achieve. But with staunch support of friends, families and his loyal readers, this onemanshow, who's decades old, self-published work are still in demand, may single handedly change the game of blogging, by pass larger publishers and reap reward upon himself.

But this high-wire act he is walking, brought him down before. It was ten years before he reemerged. If he crashes again, it may be ten more. And it will truly be a loss for the literary world, because there is simply no other writer quite like him.

thepublicblogger's Jail is set for publication on Thursday, January 24th @ The Science of Spin. No time of publication is listed.