Psycho-thriller film 'House of Good and Evil' completed, slated for foreign territories

Picture locked and collecting foreign distribution offers, ‘House of Good and Evil’ has completed post-production and is heating up in the indie film market

Online PR News – 22-January-2013 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Horrorshow, Inc. and Shooting Creek Films are announcing completion of the long-awaited feature psycho-thriller, “House of Good and Evil.”

Recently picture-locked with post-production visual effects finalized at Baltimore’s Suited Four Productions, “House of Good and Evil” has collected foreign distribution offers and generated viral social media hype through its Facebook fan page.

Writer-producer Blu de Golyer’s story follows a young couple who move from the fast paced life of Baltimore to an isolated home nestled deep in the woods of Appalachia in a last-chance effort to save their deteriorating marriage. They quickly find out extraordinary evil has followed them to their new address.

“This is a classic genre piece in the vein of ‘The Shining,’” de Golyer said of the film, which is attracting international and domestic buyers. “This movie has irresistible subtlety, gripping ambiguity and an unsettling feeling that something’s just not right from its opening credits to its final cut to black.”

The film originally featured attachments from would-be director Clint Howard, brother of two-time Oscar winner Ron Howard, and Tippi Hedren, the Alfred Hitchcock blond who famously made moviegoers terrified of “The Birds.” Hedren left the project due to a minor health scare two days prior to filming. The 83-year old made a full recovery and continues to be an avid supporter of the film.
Rachel Marie Lewis, who burst onto the scene in 2012 for her leading role in the eight-time indie award nominee “Transatlantic Coffee,” stars as Maggie Conley.

"Rachel Marie Lewis owns every frame of this film!” said Dennis Willis, film critic and host of Flick Nation Radio. “[It’s] a slow-churning descent into madness that sits squarely on the petite shoulders of Rachel Marie Lewis. Don't be fooled. Lewis is like a caged animal in this breakout performance!"

Starring opposite Lewis is Christian Oliver, who plays Chris Conley. Oliver is a German import known for his acting in Steven Soderbergh’s Oscar nominated “The Good German” and The Wachowski Brothers’ “Speed Racer.” Oliver also produced the film with de Golyer and Mark Rickard, co-producer of the upcoming crime drama, “I Fought the Law” starring Giovanni Ribisi, Malin Akerman, Michael C. Hall and Josh Lucas.

David Mun directed and edited “House of Good and Evil.” Mun makes his directorial debut and is a renowned cinematographer known for his stylistic camera work on Creative Freedom’s “The Road to Freedom.”

“We’re presenting a relatable, yet conflicted couple thrust into unwonted circumstances,” Mun said. “Rachel and Christian became multi-dimensional protagonists who are completely consumed in their search for normalcy. The house pumps to life with a magnetizing heartbeat all its own and I believe audiences will be fascinated to peel back the story’s veiled truth.”

Also starring are Marietta Marich (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), Jordan Rhodes (“All the King’s Men”), Rob Neukirch (“One Night at McCool’s”) and Bo Keister (“Remember the Titans”).

“House of Good and Evil” was shot on location in beautiful Floyd County, Va. utilizing a Presbyterian boarding school built in 1914. It is scheduled to screen June 29 at Floyd County’s Chantilly Festival Farm as a special thanks to the community of Floyd for all the help and resources they brought to the production.

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