Simcoe Consulting and Earth Savers Institute Team Up to Help Train and Coach Green Consultants

Partnership Helps Create “Eco Rock Stars” Who Can Make Positive Impacts In Their Communities

Online PR News – 23-April-2010 – – The Earth Savers Institute (ESI) and Simcoe Consulting announced today that they have formed a long-term agreement to offer Green Consultant Training and Coaching, and to create exclusive eBooks, Presentations, tele-seminars, comprehensive courses to Eco Entrepreneurs, Green Real Estate Investors, and to provide winning strategies for businesses and organizations.

Green is the biggest opportunity for any business or real estate investment company

“Billions in rebates/incentives and skyrocketing consumer demand make green a gateway to increased profits, new customers, and can elevate any brand,” said Jim Simcoe, Green Business Strategist and Speaker. “It’s arguably one of the most fashionable new careers to get into. Right now, the demand for green-consultants is much greater than the supply. If one is ambitions, he or she can have a successful career by helping people go green.”

Eco Entrepreneurs can learn the entire process of becoming an eco-consultant today with a new course that covers everything from home audits, marketing a green business, green sales skills, and more. Students can start a green-consulting business within 3 days of completing this program. The Eco-Consultant Training Program gives students everything they need so that they can launch their business immediately.

“The Earth Savers Institute is currently the largest green virtual company of its kind, but quality means more to us than anything,” said Scott Cardinal, Green Lifestyle Designer and Eco Educator. “That is why we are working with Jim Simcoe. In addition to being experienced, authentic, and passionate about helping others go green and become more sustainable, he is a truly bright and kind gentleman and good friend. It is a pleasure to have him aboard the Earth Savers Institute.”

The Benefits of the Green Consultant Training Program

Students get everything they need to start eco-consulting. Unlike other programs that just teach theory, this program teaches how to run a successful eco-consulting business. An actual green consultant - not an Internet marketer, teaches the course. This program is based on Jim Simcoe’s actual experience in the field over the last 3 years. Students will learn from actual client pictures and case studies. Students will learn the unique sales and marketing approaches that are most effective. Students learn how to get free PR, TV spots, Radio interviews, and more, while they learn to build their brand.

Online Training, Coaching and Certification Is Eco Friendly

The Earth Savers Institute offers its services Online, which is very appealing to businesses everywhere; particularly those outside of major cities or where there are no Eco Consultants or Coaches.

“It will be a long while before Eco Consultants and Coaches are as common as local Realtors or Interior Designers. Until that day, Businesses, Organizations, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, and Entrepreneurs should consider going the virtual route. Even if an Eco Consultant or Coach is within an hour or two driving distance, it makes more sense to communicate via phone and email,” said Cardinal. “The Earth Savers Institute is at the forefront of this trend by working with clients throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and most recently South Africa, China, and Australia.”

Battling Green Washing

Simcoe Consulting and other high quality programs can get lost in the deluge of green washing “green training” companies that are becoming more and more prevalent.

“It is troubling to think about, but there are websites out there, promoting themselves as the biggest or the best ‘green trainers,’ and charging exorbitant amounts to take their courses that, in the end, have little to no value real value,” said Cardinal. “It is repulsive that these snake oil salesmen can get away with this these days, but many operate under different domain names, with different websites and blogs, and travel around the country, and move on quickly, leaving a wake of disappointment behind them. To battle these green washers, the Earth Savers Institute’s mission is to partner with the best of the best, such as Jim Simcoe, Glenn Croston, and others. Our mission is to exceed expectations. We want people to get more than their money’s worth. We want people to be thrilled with their relationship with us, stay in contact, and continue to work with us in building a more eco-friendly future for everyone.”

About Jim Simcoe

Mr. Simcoe is a sustainability strategist and green business speaker. A noted authority on green business practices and green building, Mr. Simcoe has been featured on NBC, Fox TV,, and more.
He teaches Green Business Operations at California State University and serves on the Board of Directors of the New World Leadership School. Jim helps clients increase profits and discover new revenue streams through sustainable business practices. He develops ʻsmart greenʼ solutions for clients to maximize their ROI. Contact Jim Simcoe @ 760-271-7128 or

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