Alander Pulliam YEP Program Helps Young Adults Get Focused

Music Executive Alander Pulliam Recently Launched The Young Entreprenuers Program, And Has Already Started Getting recognition for it in California.

Online PR News – 15-July-2009 – – Alander Pulliam Recently Started the Young Entreprenuers Program, A Program for Young Adults That are or have intentions on Becoming Successful, Alander Pulliam Told us that, "If Kids grew up like me in a negative surrounding and no support from family with limitations on what life had to offer then this program is for them. Alot of Young people are not being showed the proper ways of living by what they see everyday at there own home. There is alot young people who are trying to become somebody but they do not have the right people involved in thier life as well as they may feel bounded in the lifestyle they have and feel its no way out but to do what they see most do. ALot of young people want to own thier own business or become someone successful, but without the physical role model in thier life they only see what they do, and if that person is someone close to them, then they seem to follow that persons footsetp. When you're young you often get confused, its like going to church and watching the preacher preach about a topic and then he a few days later you see or hear about that preacher, he cant be a role model like that, he know people look up to him, so which means they will follow him and do what he do. its the same thing with young people they hear but they dont see." Alander Pulliam wishes he had more support and a greater backbone with this program but he stated that if he have to do it by himself, then he will.

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