Q.U.I.T Emotional Eating For Good And Start Your New Beginning Today - A New Book By William Briggs

In a society plagued by obesity emotional eating is a serious problem. Turning to food to help solve problems leads to an unhealthy and unsatisfying life for emotional eaters. In his new book, W.Q Briggs guides readers to overcome emotional eating.

Online PR News – 22-January-2013 – Denver, Colorado – Eating ice cream after a bad day is a normal human reaction. It becomes a problem when people always rely on food to feel better. W.Q Briggs aims to stop the habit of emotional eating in his new book, Q.U.I.T Emotional Eating: Advice on How To Quit Emotional Eating in 4 Easy Steps. Stress can make people do bad things to calm down. Eating should not be one of them. Emotional eating has negative health effects like weight gain and actually leads to a diminished quality of life. Briggs helps readers break the unhealthy cycle of emotional eating. He does this by using the acronym QUIT to find the cause of emotional eating so that people can break the habit and deal with stress in a healthy way.

The Food Relationship

Briggs leads readers on a journey to break up with emotional eating. Using the QUIT acronym, Briggs outlines four steps for readers so that they can stop emotional eating. The first step is to “Question Yourself about Your Emotional Eating.” Briggs asks readers simple questions so that they can examine where their emotional eating stems from. Some of the things discussed in this section include body image issues and what emotional eating accomplishes. The second step is to “Understand What the Problem Is.” This includes understanding why readers turn to food to lift their mood and why it is bad for them. Once readers accept the problem, they can move find other ways to cope with stress.

The third step in the process is, “I Am the Sole Decision Maker in My Choice to Stop Emotional Eating.” Briggs directs readers to self-empowerment so they can find the determination in themselves to stop emotional eating. The final step is, “Take Control and Think Positive.” Stress will always exist and Briggs gives readers practical ways to handle it and not turn to bad habits. For example he suggests, “Allow yourself to feel the emotions you are trying to stuff down with food.” Briggs also includes ways to replace emotional eating to relieve stress in a healthy way such as exercising. The four steps allow readers to decipher why they are emotional eaters and move on to healthier habits.

Quitting Can Be Easy

William “QUIT” Briggs is an addiction expert. He has overcome smoking, drinking, gambling and drugs. He wanted to change and he wanted to help others conquer their addictions as well. While combatting his addictions he discovered the easy to follow acronym of QUIT and has been inspiring others with it since. After retiring from the executive world Briggs traveled the country helped other addicts by conducting self-help groups, church functions and one-on-ones. He has helped thousands find a new beginning with his knowledge of addiction. Other self-help books by Briggs include: Q.U.I.T Smoking, Q.U.I.T Drugs and Q.U.I.T Drinking.

Q.U.I.T Emotional Eating: Advice on How To Quit Emotional Eating in 4 Easy Steps is available for purchase for the Kindle through Amazon. For more information please visit, www.justkindlebooks.com/william-quit-briggs or contact W.Q Briggs by phone at (970) 225-0354.

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