Automotive Novices Make Expert Ranking with Online DIY Repair Program

Car owners celebrate this week as US company, Automotix, release their DIY repair program for at-home automotive repairs

Online PR News – 22-April-2010 – – Kansas, United States – Thursday 22nd April 2010: For decades car owners have been investing in materials that can teach them how to maintain and fix their own motors, yet all that is set to change this month with the release of US company Automotix's DIY Repair Program. Available exclusively online, the information is sold in the form of complete truck and car repair manuals, including diagrams, charts, procedures, preventative measures, technical service bulletins and model specifications.

Rather than paying for access to a whole database of repair manuals, users will be able to purchase information from the Automotix website on a need-to-know basis, with the aim of saving money and avoiding long term membership obligations. The implications of such a service on the automotive industry are as yet unknown, but Automotix predict that it will help families pick themselves up out of the economic recession by saving money on car repairs.

“Gaining access to the Automotix DIY Repair Program can save hundreds of dollars on fixing a car or a truck” says Automotix CEO Effi Gersham, “Car owners can be self sufficient for less than the price of one gallon of gasoline, or even milk.”

The DIY repair program isn't the first initiative pioneered by Automotix since their launch. Over the past two years the Kansas based company have expanded to serve truck drivers and owners, as well as having produced software downloads and an iPhone application, designed to allow consumers find and contact sellers, order, bid on and compare the prices of auto parts and car accessories across the US.

By the end of April 2010, car and truck owners across the US will have access to the information that professional mechanics and automotive experts make significant investments in. This information has never been collected and offered as part of a database before, making the sale of such manuals much easier than ever before, particularly as they are made available online.

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