iPad App Developer

Zco Corporation is proud to announce that it is now offering iPad app developer services. This nicely complements its development services for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.


Zco Corporation, one of the largest mobile app developers in the world, announced today that they have expanded their services to include full service iPad development. Complementary to their development services for all major mobile platforms, Zco is proud to offer their expertise to customers who are looking to port their existing app to the iPad and/or develop new iPad app concepts.

What sets Zco apart from other iPad development companies is 20+ years of backend software experience, multi-platform app capabilities and digital media marketing services. Because of their large team, they are able to offer plentiful bandwidth, abundant feature capabilities and extensive debugging/user testing to customers of all sizes. Zco’s Digital Media Marketing service includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Professional Quality Video Demonstrations and Press Releases. As a component of the full service iPad development, Zco also offers a “Mobilizing Websites” service, which ensures their customer’s websites are iPad friendly.

Zco began extending their current customers apps to the iPad immediately following iPad’s announcement. StoryPages is an example of an app programmed by Zco for SpinThought Inc., which was available in the App Store on iPad’s April 3rd release date. Zco Corporation helps their customers take advantage of the higher priced apps and larger iPad real estate. For developers who already have an iPhone app, the costs of porting to the iPad with Zco are incremental as the design and coding can be reused. For interest in Zco’s iPad development service, visit www.zco.com, become a fan on Facebook, email sales@zco.com, or call 603-881-9200.

For More Information Please visit here http://www.zco.com